New date for Isle of Wight Asda meeting

By Martin Neville

Monday, June 9, 2014


THE date of a crunch planning meeting to consider rival applications for a new supermarket on the outskirts of Newport has changed.

The Isle of Wight Council meeting will now be held on July 2, rather than June 24.

Two separate planning applications have been lodged by supermarket giant Asda and the owners of the neighbouring Newport football ground, South Coast Leisure (SCL), for land off St George’s Way.

Asda has made it clear it intends to stick to its own scheme, which would create 450 jobs.

If approved, the 45,000 sq ft store will include a petrol station and cafe inside, an improved pedestrian/cycle route and a shuttle bus service to the town centre.

SCL has submitted an alternative scheme on the football ground site and plans to use cash from the development to build a new ground on adjacent land, owned by the IW Council.

SCL said its proposal offered more benefits to Islanders, being closer to the town and would allow the construction of new football club facilities that could be used by the community.



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by Jack Woodford

12th June 2014, at 08:55:16

@Debbie. ASDA may (ultimately) be US-owned but the reality is that it will, if approved, be paying wages to 450 local people who will be spending that into the local economy. ASDA will also be paying a very substantial sum to the IW Council for land it needs to build this store - money that will help finance local services. Both these facts make the scheme infinitely more desirable than that of SCL's.
We do not know who - if anyone - SCL have lined up for their site. But we do know the profits from their scheme will go into the pockets of private speculators rather than the public purse.
I have looked t this objectively and there really is no advantage in going for the SCL scheme.

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by simon max

10th June 2014, at 14:13:11

Not everybody wants foot ball but everybody shops, asda would bring more competition against morrisons in newport as well as the same on fuel it would also benefit from 450 much needed jobs! Wake up council for god sake!

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by david wright

10th June 2014, at 13:45:04

This fiasco is so pathetic. There are not two applications for a supermarket there is one application for a supermarket and one application from SCL trying to strongarm a supermarket to their site.
The council know Asda will not accept SCL's alternative plan so if they approve that it will not be built. So what are they considering????SCL's application should be thrown out for the sham it is and ASDAs application should be approved or denied on its own merit without all this stupid hype as it is potentially driving ASDA away something I for one would regret.

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by Dave James

10th June 2014, at 12:09:18

Yawn, yawn, yawn.

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by T Rollingsworth

10th June 2014, at 10:04:30

Debbie, most supermarkets will be fine. Where I used to live had 5 major supermarkets all within half a mile of each other! This is like arguing that no more clothing shops should open in Newport, as the others might be offended! It's survival of the fittest, if you can't compete, don't play!

Way for the IW to look backwards by constantly blocking stuff that could help the community.

As for SCL they don't have a clue, why don't they just admit that they need the cash and the whole "This site is better" thing is a ruse!

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by Debbie Hollebon

10th June 2014, at 09:17:27

Asda is owned by an American company and profits go back to the states. Yes it will offer employment but that will be balanced by the people who lose jobs in other shops that close down. Recently on the news they said that Morrisons is already struggling against competition from Aldi and Lidl, do we want a large empty store in the centre of town ? I've lived in a town on the mainland who's centre was killed by a superstore built on the edge of town, it became a very depressing place to live. Also I find Asda budget lines of poorer quality than other budget shops.

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by Andy Winch

10th June 2014, at 08:31:00

As quoteed
'SCL said its proposal offered more benefits to Islanders, being closer to the town and would allow the construction of new football club facilities that could be used by the community.'
Err that about 40 yards closer.
My thoughts are that SCL are just after the and then just lease the ground from the council and when it goes all wrong walk away leaving the Islanders with another stone around the neck.
Asda put their application in first and have no doubt thought about it very carefully. Why would they want a bigger store if when you consider they would have looked at the number of customer who would come to them verses the cost of building it.
There are already enough large store about and when you walk through some of them they feel quite empty of customers considering the size.
Online shopping is the way people seem to be going so no need for huge expensive stores any more.
If the original plan rejected and SCL accepted I can see Asda just walking away.

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by steve skelton

10th June 2014, at 08:27:26

how much money does the football club wanna be given and waste away again.......?
lets get asda built.....

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by Mark Jones

10th June 2014, at 07:07:53

I just hope that the planners realise that it is not simply a case of either this site, or that. If both have permission, then perhaps other stores will come too.

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by Graeme Egerton

9th June 2014, at 23:18:11

Aldi are not even close to being a replacement or alternative to Asda! There's what, four aisles in Aldi?

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