New plea for homes talks

By Abby Rugg

Saturday, January 26, 2013


New plea for homes talks

The former West Wight Middle School.

WORRIED villagers are calling for an urgent public meeting over a controversial development of 50 homes on a former school site.

The call was made after a public meeting, organised by Freshwater Village Association, to which the head of the Isle of Wight planning department, the developers, Spectrum Housing, two Freshwater Isle of Wight councillors and members of the parish council had been invited.

All declined to come but their written statements were displayed.

Almost 60 villagers attended the meeting last Friday, at Freshwater Parish Hall, to protest at the amount of time for consultation over Christmas and new year regarding the demolition of the former West Wight Middle School and the site’s redevelopment with 50 houses.

Many points were raised about the redevelopment, such the ownership of the unadopted roads, which are partly involved in the current planning application, including two metres of one resident’s verge and drive.

Other issues raised included the overflow of sewers into Queen’s Road, the Isle of Wight Council’s statement that the 50 homes would not affect traffic congestion, the lack of pavements and overcrowding of parked cars.

There were concerns Freshwater would become a dormitory town and questions were raised about the parish council’s apparent contradiction of its own parish plan of 2006, which opposed further residential development, yet members had voted in favour of this application.

It was also argued the Isle of Wight Council was contradicting its 2012 Island Plan, which stated there was a lack of amenity space in West Wight.

A resolution for a public meeting with the parish and Isle of Wight Council was passed unanimously and 39 Freshwater residents signed a petition on the night calling for it to take place.

The deadline for consultation is February 6.



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by Mike Crowe

28th January 2013, at 15:30:27

Very clever Ha Ha. So that is a disguised 'build build build'

Thank you

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by T Rollingsworth

28th January 2013, at 15:24:28

Do you even read your own posts? or read anybody elses for that matter?
You remind me of a brilliant children's story where a boy just keeps responding "I can't hear you, I've got bananas in my ears".

I don't see the issue if we are using brownfield sites so long as counter measures such as upgrading the transport network are done at the same time.

There again, I'm not stuck in the past and I consider myself rational in thought....

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by Mike Crowe

28th January 2013, at 15:11:57

......and when we fill Newport? More houses needed. What then?

Use the fields next to Newport? That has already been done. So what then?

Do we continue until there is no more land to build on?

Do we?

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by T Rollingsworth

28th January 2013, at 14:44:45

Mike, you do realise that the population density on the IoW is only 369km2? for an island which is 384 km2 that is not a lot at all!

I'm not saying develop everywhere, just "better-develop" (excuse the terrible term) existing areas. For example, increase the population density in places like Newport which would be much more beneficial than building a new estate in the middle of nowhere!
Like it or not, new houses will be built due to natural population growth - in fact I think certain towns have to meet targets of X amount of new houses by 2020?

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by Mike Crowe

28th January 2013, at 12:59:55

""I agree with most developments for new homes as they are needed,""

They will always be needed. They will be needed until all of the Island is built on because the population is expanding and will expand at an even faster rate if we allow it to and drive our housing needs.

Do we continue until there is no more land to build on?

Do we?

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by T Rollingsworth

28th January 2013, at 10:32:59

I agree with most developments for new homes as they are needed, but this location seems a bit random for a new estate.

Ideally they need to be within easy reach of the train/ferry for commuters. Hence why the Smallbrooke development would be a nice. There are a lot of houses for sale yes, but most seem to be overpriced, too big/small or need quite a bit of work doing to them.

Instead of all moaning about it, why don't you be constructive and suggest how the job market can improve?
how can we reduce the cost of cross-solent travel for business' ?
how can we improve our education so better companies will move here?

Glad to see ole' Geoffrey is around spouting off about Marxism . I love you Geoff, you brighten my otherwise dreary day.

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by Michael Henry

27th January 2013, at 16:56:58

Could not agree more with you Alan. Just look in the papers to see how many properties are for sale now. I have lived in Freshwater for only 10 years but have already seen a big change in the area, we are just becoming a suburb of the mainland without the benefits of a bridge or employment opportunities, marooned and doomed.

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by Alan Bennett

27th January 2013, at 14:23:16

Building more homes when the last lot at Newport still are not sold. St Mary's Hospital struggling to deal with the patients they already have, Schools with not enough places for the kids already living here, not to mention where the hell are the people going to work? Or perhaps the Council will ship in people from inner cities that don't work anyway.

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by geoffrey clynch

27th January 2013, at 13:43:04

NIMBY is just a childish marxist catchphrase to cower ordinary people from having democratic debate

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by david wright

27th January 2013, at 00:48:21

As always its Nimby Nimby Nimby. West wight school was a nice school but results tell the truth and IOW educational results have been rubbish for years and before I hear cries of special situations tell that to the other regions with problems that do better than us. We are letting our children down on so many fronts it is quite daunting!

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