Newport park and ride 'inevitable'

By David Newble

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


A NEW park-and-ride facility serving both Newport and Cowes could be sited on the county showground within the next ten years.

The idea was floated at a meeting of Cowes Town Council by the town’s mayor, Cllr Geoff Banks.

Other potential sites for park and ride for Newport include the Isle of Wight Festival ground, which could serve commuter traffic between Cowes, East Cowes and Ryde.

Members of the town council were told by Southern Vectis operations manager Marc Morgan Huws peak traffic flows between Cowes and Newport during rush-hour were among heaviest on the Isle of Wight.

And he warned a new park-and-ride facility would have to be built at some point to serve Newport and did not rule out the showground site.

He said: “I think it is inevitable Newport will get park and ride. The question is when.”

Mr Morgan Huws told members park and ride could only be introduced in conjunction with the enforcement of residents’ parking regulations, which would effectively ‘force’ commuters to use park-and-ride facilities.

He said: “Cowes has paved the way in proving park and ride works.”

Cllr Banks said: “If you had it at the county showground, that would be a great advantage. During Cowes Week fireworks, it would make a fantastic and excellent place for that sort of facility.”

Mr Morgan Huws said informal discussions had already taken place about future park-and-ride facilities and their locations would have to be included in the next local transport plan.


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