Noise row continues for bar

By Ross Findon

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Noise row continues for bar

The Wight Rock bar. Picture by Peter Boam.

THE fight over noise at a popular Isle of Wight night spot will come before councillors again on Tuesday, with neighbours claiming their lives have been blighted and the bar’s owners raising fears about its future.

The Wight Rock Bar in Ryde has been at the centre of a long-running dispute over noise and Isle of Wight Council officers have now recommended that a licence condition be introduced, setting noise limits to a level inaudible to neighbours.

Conditions were imposed on the Lind Street venue following an Isle of Wight Council hearing in February, when councillors ruled noise from the bar should be barely audible to neighbours.

Wight Rock Bar owners Shaun and Debbie Newnham appealed, claiming it was too onerous given the small number of complaints, but magistrates in April said the case must go back to the Isle of Wight Council to decide on — ruling the wording 'barely audible’ was ambiguous.

The bar now faces a much stricter clampdown after council officers, in a report to be presented to the committee on Tuesday, recommended music and DJ announcements be set at a limit that cannot be heard by residents in the flats above.

Shaun Newnham told the County Press the restriction could put the future of the bar in doubt and efforts to install soundproofing had been delayed after some of those who complained about noise, also objected to an application for listed building consent, needed to carry out the work.

"Whatever happens on Tuesday, we won’t give up, but this could put the future of the bar in doubt," said Mr Newnham, who warned other venues could fall foul of the same restrictions in future.

To view the report, click here.



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by alan naylor

23rd July 2013, at 18:11:40

Pub or No pub where one lives respect for the neighbour is paramount the beat from the basement must be a throb going through the building I have sympathy for parties all round if its a bad area halve the rent and the rates of the flats

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by R Mason

14th July 2013, at 18:07:44

I took the time to read through the paperwork published in an earlier article. (There's a lot of it.) Choosing to live next to a nightclub and then complaining about the noise is more than a little bizarre and morally suspect. Especially so given that they chose to convert a commercial property to residential flat, despite being warned about the possibility of noise. Perhaps they would prefer it went back to being a titty bar? And before assuming that the club is excessively noisy and operates until the early hours it should be pointed out that they finish at 11pm and the two sets of double oak doors do a very effective job of preventing the club from being heard from outside in the street. This does, as observed in another comment, appear to be a vendetta. The obvious conclusion is that the complainants worry that they have spend too much on a bad idea and hope that shutting WightRock down makes their property more saleable.

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by Chris Moore

4th July 2013, at 15:10:31

This is a very bizarre story indeed. "I live in the centre of town (where I chose to) and it is too noisy" Good Lord. Move to the country. Don't live in a town. Why, oh why choose to live in one of the busiest streets in Ryde, and I also suspect the Island, then complain. I suspect the people moaning would move to the country then whinge because the cows are too loud, or perhaps the wind running through the trees comes through their double glazing.

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by T Rollingsworth

4th July 2013, at 13:26:31

Following on from my post, I find the noise of the muppets with massive exhausts on their chavvy Saxo's far more annoying than that of any music, what is to be done about that? Maybe we should close all roads after 9pm too?

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by T Rollingsworth

4th July 2013, at 13:20:51

Why should the bar have to sound-proof? You probably chose to live at this location, it would have been cheaper rent for this very reason. People seem to forget this.

I too live near a high street and it's fairly loud on a Friday and Saturday night, but I deal with it... I knew it would be like that!

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by Ricki Parrott

4th July 2013, at 11:25:22

No wonder pubs and clubs are dying out. If you dont like noise dont live in town. They can hardly complain about it not fitting into surroundings when that ryde school monstrosity got the go ahead and then given a **** award. Nice to have the money and buy the council right :P

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by ian armstrong

4th July 2013, at 10:31:24

Seems to me that there is a plain & simple vendetta here against Wight Rock. Firstly the objectors campaign to get something done about the noise. Result- Wight Rock plan to install noise protection to alleviate said noise. Secondly, not content with having caused enough misery the objectors then try to block this, creating a catch-22 situation. What do these objectors actually want? It's been posted here already- why live in a vibrant town centre setting if you are after the quiet life? It begs the question- who was there first- Wight Rock or the objectors? Give them (Wight Rock) a break and allow them to work WITH you to come to a solution; stop trying to hamper every attempt to play fair!

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by Lisa Jenkins

4th July 2013, at 10:24:57

I agree with Mark. If you don't like noise why live near a High Street?

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by b ward

4th July 2013, at 10:13:26

unless you have lived next to a place like this you do not know what it
can be like.
A pub near to me had the music so loud that even with double glazing
and all the windows closed and this in full summer i could not hear
my television and this pub was six houses away.
Why should anyone have to live with that even for the odd evening.
They should sort it out, either turn it down or some kind of sound
proofing is needed..

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by Mark Hitchman

4th July 2013, at 10:11:46

This has been a live music venue for some 20 years now, under various names, so people really shouldn't buy a property by a music venue and then expect the business to change to suit their wishes.

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