Parents’ threat over school unit

By Jamie White

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Parents’ threat over school unit

The former Love Lane School site in Cowes.

PARENTS have threatened to take their children out of a nursery if a proposed school unit for children with behavioural, emotional and social problems (BESD) is built next door.

The Isle of Wight Council is proposing the former Love Lane School site in Cowes be converted into a new school unit for up to 25 of the Island’s most challenging students.

But concerns have been raised about situating it directly next to Little Love Lane pre-school and nursery.

At a meeting at Lanesend Primary School, headteacher Caroline Sice emphasised the children were the number one priority.

"We agree the Island probably is in need of a BESD unit but it is being proposed for the wrong location. The safety of children is the most important thing and we truly care about them. We have visited several units across the country and they seem to be run very well but none are identical to what is be proposed here.

"We’ve been told bad language and smoking is common at the units and we must question if this is suitable for our young children to see and hear," she said.

The Isle of Wight Council said it had not been invited to the meeting, but it would welcome any feedback to include in the consultation.

Previously, the authority’s chief executive Steve Beynon said the pupils who would attend were all Island children who were either at Clatterford or Thompson House or at mainland placements — which took them away from friends and families — or in mainstream schools without the support they required, possibly to the detriment of other pupils.

"The new unit would be properly secure and supervised, and in most cases, those attending would be provided with travel to and from the school," he said.

But at the meeting, chair of governors at Lanesend, Peter Almond, added: "We have serious concerns about the council’s proposal.

"This is definitely not a case of 'not in my backyard’. We want what is best for the community and everyone concerned."

Chairman of Little Love Lane pre-school and nursery, Ken Burns, added: "The units we have visited appear to be very well safeguarded, with secured fencing. But we haven’t seen any that are placed just feet away from young children.

"I have already had parents telling me they would take their children out of the nursery if the site gets the go-ahead."



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by Pamela Brown

8th October 2012, at 10:58:34

This is ridiculous, I live near one of the secondary schools on the island, I won't say which one as thats not fair, but smoking and swearing is common practice by a lot of the students. When they walk down the road past my house I hear and see some awful things and so do my young children, but does that mean we should shut the school and move it!!! This story is riduculous, give the kids a chance!

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by Rosie Saxcoburg

8th October 2012, at 08:59:17

Absolutely cannot beleive this! How can islanders feel okay with being so ableist? It's disgusting. GOD FORBID young children could ever witness smoking or swearing! You mean to tell me none of their parents smoke or have ever sworn? Stop discriminating against children with these problems, it's an absolute joke. It's a GOOD thing that they have somewhere to go to school where they get the right attention. Argh argh argh

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by Tracy Pinky

8th October 2012, at 01:02:27

continued..child to go near 'normal' children! I think not!! Are you going to neglect and disown your child if they grow to have problems? I doubt it! How would you feel if it was your child being singled out and I wouldn't let my 'normal' child be near or educated near your child! shallow minded that's what you are! I hope to god your child doesn't grow to have problems and need your support!

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by Tracy Pinky

8th October 2012, at 01:01:35

So do you keep your pre school children at home all the time they are not at school?? Doubt it, these people are out on the streets too you know, they're not in a 'special school' 24//7!! Do you not take your children in or near Mcdonalds because of the 'chavs' outside smoking and swearing all the time?? It's not just children with learning and behavioural problems that smoke and/or swear it's 99% of today's population!! These poor children should not be singled out just because they have been diagnosed with something and are receiving help and a different education to 'normal' children!! These pre-school children, how do you know that they are not gonna grow up and have these problems and be retracted from mainstream school.. Would you have the same view then? would you not allow your c

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by Rea Sheldrake

8th October 2012, at 00:21:52

Thank God the residents of Watergate Road and surrounding area didn't suffer from this NIMBYism, many children, including my son, would not have had a school to go to. I no longer live in love Lane, but if i did, I would rather live near these 'challenging' kids school, than the 'normal' brats who scribbled in marker pen on my car!

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by Kay Ounsworth

8th October 2012, at 00:15:07

oh for goodness sake, i'm sorry...i'm new to this. My comment starts several down :/ but wanted to add that i had major views 'for' this when it was first proposed by the council and did attend meetings etc. I never attended this one as the council weren't invited and i would have been slaughtered by NIMBYNESS!!! but i am watching and listening....

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by Kay Ounsworth

8th October 2012, at 00:04:32

...cont....(assuming he told me heheard it from a special needs child) that it doesn't make it ok for him to repeat it...simples!

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by Kay Ounsworth

8th October 2012, at 00:01:56

Anonymous...1) Was I right in reading that you suggest that this 'special' school should be placed near an asphalt plant?? Said in jest or not, that is an appauling thing to say! 2) Maybe your children will be affected by the way you are terribly discrimatory and become self centred, low life biggots like yourself....children pick up on this behaviour you know!! 3) If a child copies another child, it is the responsibility of the parent/carer and often their teachers to teach them right from wrong. You cannot blame special need children (unruly or not) for the behaviour of other children!!! If my child were to come home and say a swear word..maybe asking me what it meant, or just he heard someone else say it, i would correct him and explain (assuming he told me he heard it from a special

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by Mike Crowe

7th October 2012, at 22:30:56


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by Barry Lewis

7th October 2012, at 21:07:28

Having experience of these units on the mainland I agree this is definitely the wrong location.

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