Parish council to consider plan for 89 homes

By Richard Wright

Sunday, January 27, 2013


ARRETON Parish Council will consider what stance to take on a large housing development proposal for the village at its planning committee meeting on Tuesday.

The committee, which can only make representations to the Isle of Wight Council, which has the power to decide the application, meets at Arreton Community Centre at 7.30pm.

Arreton Villagers Against Development has pledged to fight the plan for 89 homes at Hazely Combe in the village. It plans to put up banners and has set up a Facebook page.

The group will be represented at the meeting but parish council chairman Cllr Lin Watterson emphasised local people and those who may move to the new development would be given priority to speak — if they gave prior notice.

Objector Alison Hayden, who lives near the site, said: "This is a major development, which would seriously affect the village if it gets approval.

"Because of its importance we would hope and expect it would be considered by the Isle of Wight Council’s planning committee and not be subject to a delegated decision."



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by Darryl Fry

30th January 2013, at 02:36:58

Beg to differ David. Development does not have to happen, unless it's culture, knowledge or understanding. Infinite physical development in a finite world, resource or in this case island defies the natural laws of physics. Trying to accommodate it simply destroys habitat - human and non-human alike. Why would any species want to make their home uninhabitable or even unpleasant? The Isle of Wight needs to implement a population cap, as has happened in many shires around the world.

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by david stubbings

29th January 2013, at 22:13:09

89 homes that all ? after a few 1930 style homes in yaverland ' the culver bay estate' built a 100+ of really ugly concrete bunalows on the beautiful hills and fields in yaverland overlooking sandown bay with no local Amenities, ie shop, post office, village hall at one point l it had was pub and in some ones better judgement that was pulled down, sworry but development has to happen some where--still yaverland is the only village with a zoo! wooooo!!

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by Mike Crowe

29th January 2013, at 10:03:42

Darryl the sting in the tail is the important thing here with the 'Copy to' a person or body who will be affected and the statement re 'make a claim on you'. Did you see the posting about the gas main? No money to replace it this week, but a letter to the gas board copied to Island Rail reference a gas leak near the train pick up 'A disaster waiting to happen' made them dig the road up the following week and fit a new gas main.

What are the flooding implications 'somewhere else' of the massive 900 home developement? There is a starter. :-)

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by Darryl Fry

29th January 2013, at 08:45:20

Gotta go with Mike on this one. His example is how one can effect change. If you want to influence council decisions, write letters, get friends to do same, talk to the press, lobby your MP, hold a rally if you have to. Democracy is a participatory process.

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by Mark Hitchman

29th January 2013, at 07:27:33

South WIght Borough Council....?? What are you on about Mike? Something that's over 20 years old? Please be clear

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by Mike Crowe

28th January 2013, at 09:15:45

""tell your council what you want or sack them""

South Wight Borough Council wanted to sell off part of the Cemetary and applied for planning permission first.

Letter to the Council pointing out that Southern Water had already explained that the sewers were not big enough and houses already flooded because of the state of the sewer...... "If you are unwise enough to give planning permission, then more houses will be liable to flooding (listed the ones which would be effected) and this notice can act as proof of your negligence and said houses will be able to make a claim against the council"
At the bottom of the letter .............. COPIED TO and then the houses listed.

Planning refused.

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by Kevin Barclay-Jay

28th January 2013, at 02:26:51

Democracy has spoken and found you a laughing stock Geoff...probably why you left the BNP

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by Darryl Fry

28th January 2013, at 00:43:10

Regardless of self proclaimed 'winners' or 'losers,' Isle of Wight people should weigh up these development proposals in the light of all the others that have recently been raised. Add the giant Ryde proposal to the Arreton one, factor in the Australian company's attempt to develop a frack gas industry the size of Aberdeen oil, then ask of yourself whether there is a link. The frack gas experience around the world has been (leaving aside the environmental consequences for a moment) to attract massive migration, stimulate intensive infrastructure (roads, ports etc) and change the nature of the area forever. It does provide a lot of money to some people and this in turn attracts the twilight industries that feed off that wealth. Is this what island residents want for their home? We have a population cap where I live, and local business has been able to balance the supply and demand equation. Previous bloggers are right about one thing - tell your council what you want or sack them.

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by geoffrey clynch

27th January 2013, at 14:53:47

Democracy needs transparency, not hidden marxist agendas

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by Mike Crowe

27th January 2013, at 14:17:59

Yes you fell into the trap of arguing.

And AGAIN lost those arguemnts :-)

Agreed, no point in arguing. You lose :-)

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