Parking charge changes expected in the summer

By a County Press reporter

Thursday, March 20, 2014


CHANGES to parking charges have been confirmed by the Isle of Wight Council.

As previously reported, the changes were agreed at last month’s budget meeting, and are likely to be implemented in late May or early June.

The council said most of the changes related to short stay car parks, with charges rising by between 30p or 40p for various time periods, while long stay car parks were largely unaffected, except for a 10p rise for a one to two hour stay.

The maximum stay in a short stay car park will also become three hours, while the charge for a stay of up to 30 minutes in a long stay car park has been removed, meaning the minimum charge will be for one hour.

The council said it hoped the changes would increase the rate of turnover in car parks giving people greater accessibility to nearby businesses.

Many charges for on-street parking will also rise by between 10p and 20p.

A new residents parking permit will be introduced, costing £295 for a year. Permit holders will be able to park for two hours in a short stay car park or six hours in a long stay car park.

The permit can be extended to allow for 24 hours parking in any long stay car park for an additional cost of £125.

Other changes will see charging hours extended to 8pm every day in all areas instead of the current 6pm limit.

Free parking at Appley Car Park, Ryde, and Moa Place, Freshwater, will be removed.

It will also be removed at the Heights Leisure Centre, Sandown and Medina Leisure Centre, Newport, however One Card holders who pay annually or by direct debit will be eligible for two hours free parking.

Cllr Jon Gilbey, cabinet member for highways, said: "This is the first time some of our charges have risen for six years and is among many difficult decisions the council has had to make in relation to its budget for the next three years. Across the council we are faced with finding savings of £28 million and will not be able to meet our commitments to transportation activities, such as subsidising concessionary bus fares, without this increase in charges.

"We have endeavoured to ensure the new fees are as fair as we can make them in light of this financial position - and it is important to reiterate that for many fees there will not be any increase. It is also interesting to note, for comparison, that Portsmouth charges up to £1.60 for an hour's stay, compared to £1.30 for an hour in one of our short stay car parks, and it is £10 for an all day stay in Portsmouth compared to £6.60 in one of our long stay car parks."

CAR PARK TARIFFS 13/14 14/15
Short Stay Car Parks - up to 30mins £0.60 £0.90
Short Stay Car Parks - 30 mins-60 mins £1.00 £1.30
Short Stay Car Parks - 1-2 hours £2.00 £2.40
Short Stay Car Parks - 2-3 hours £2.90 £3.40
Short Stay Car Parks - 3-4 hours £3.80 Scrapped
Short Stay Car Parks - 4-5 hours £4.60 Scrapped
Long Stay Car Parks - up to 30 mins £0.60 Scrapped
Long Stay Car Parks - 30 mins-60 mins £1.00 £1.00
Long Stay Car Parks - 1-2 hours £1.90 £2.00
Long Stay Car Parks - 2-4 hours £3.40 £3.40
Long Stay Car Parks - 4-6 hours £4.50 £4.50
Long Stay Car Parks - 6-24 hours £6.60 £6.60
Coach P&D Ticket, upto 10 hours £3.00 £3.00
Coach P&D Ticket, 10 to 14 hours £10.00 £10.00
Coach P&D Ticket, upto 24 hours £13.00 £13.00

On Street (Short Stay) - up to 30 mins £0.90 £1.00
On Street (Short Stay) - 30 mins-60 mins £1.30 £1.50
On Street (Short Stay) - 1-2 hours £2.30 £2.50
On Street (Long Stay) - up to 30mins £0.60 £0.70
On Street (Long Stay) - 30 mins-60 mins £1.00 £1.10
On Street (Long Stay) - 1-2 hours £1.90 £2.20
On Street (Long Stay) - 2-4 hours £3.40 £3.50
On Street (Long Stay) - 4-6 hours £4.50 £4.50
On Street (Long Stay) - 6-24 hours £6.60 £6.60

Residents' On Street (P&D) Permit - Newport £45.00 £50.00
Residents' On Street (P&D) Permit - Esplanades £46.20 £50.00
Residents' On Street (P&D) Permit - Parade £46.20 £50.00
Residents' Zone Permit £40.00 £45.00
Residents' Zone Permit M/C £10.00 £10.00
Visitors Permits (10 X 1 day permits) £5.00 £5.00

CAR PARK PERMITS 13/14 14/15
Long Stay Permit - 12 Months £500.00 Scrapped
Resident Permit - 12 Months up to 6 hours parking - £295.00
Resident Permit - 12 Months top up for 24 hour parking - £125.00


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by Baz Taylor

22nd March 2014, at 11:21:11

As Colin R has already briefly mentioned, I also wonder at how many Traffic Wardens are employed in total on the island? Given that they are on (a guess) £8.50 an hour, multiply that by 2 and then times again by the amount of wardens needed for extra "patrols". At these estimates, one warden could make an extra £150 a week, if they do 2 hours a day overtime. Are the council actually making much money by increasing the maximum charging time to 8pm? It's a no-brainer!

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by Russell Palin

22nd March 2014, at 09:45:44

If parking was moved into the general election propaganda from the various party's, I bet the abolition of parking charges would be an election winner.
Councils are in my opinion a service we do not need any more. The central government should run everything from County offices, it would save billions.
All councils do is milk money from people, their reason for existence was privatized long ago.....

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by john jones

22nd March 2014, at 07:50:10

park avenue ventnor, one of the few remaining streets to park free and within walking distance of the town centre. great unless you live in park avenue. we haven't got a driveway and even out of season people park here and walk to ventnor to work. in the spring/summer we have to ask our neighbour if we can use her driveway to park on as we cant get anywhere near our house, that's if someone hasn't parked over the drive which happens a lot. how long before the council cotton on and put pay and display here.

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by D Gorman

21st March 2014, at 20:17:58

Simple Neil .... they cant fine you for staying on the golf course

Log-in to Report

by Russell Palin

21st March 2014, at 19:03:53

The modern age is so full of bad things like run down towns and closed toilets, the very essence of some of our most loved towns and villages is presently floating in limbo, how very very sad.

Log-in to Report

by Joanne Shawyer

21st March 2014, at 19:02:34

Can the IW Council charge for Appley car park? I understand that piece of land was 'given to the people of Ryde' ......... I believe they tried this once before and had to withdraw the plan.

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by john hanson

21st March 2014, at 18:38:07

well lets get asda built then everybody can park free and shop in all the supermarkets without having to go anywhere near newport lets turn it into a real ghost town

Log-in to Report

by Paul Clipstone

21st March 2014, at 13:27:38

Well, that's internet shopping increased, and won't be dropping down to the Waterfront at 630 for an hour. This is devastating for traders, yet again small minded council who are only interested in their salary increases and pensions. When are the council going to start thinking about residents and traders instead of themselves. Personally I can see a 'freedom of information' request going in asking for the fine details of parking fees and fines generated income use.

Log-in to Report

by Steve Smith

21st March 2014, at 13:16:44

Den, I wasn't asking if the charges made you happier, just the fact that council employees & councillors also have to pay the parking charges, which is what you asked.

Log-in to Report

by Den Young

21st March 2014, at 12:28:18

Steve Smith, none of t he parking chares make me happier, but thanks for the sarky comment anyway

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