Pay cut plan for top officer

By Richard Wright

Monday, January 6, 2014


UPDATED 16:48*

THE top officer at the Isle of Wight Council has agreed a salary cut of nearly *£12,379 as part of swingeing cuts in senior management costs.

Dave Burbage, managing director and strategic director of resources, currently fills the role of head of paid service.

The council’s employment committee, which meets on Monday, January 13, is recommended to approve extending the current arrangement until April 1, 2015, but reduce the salary.

The wage would be cut from £123,500, including Employer's National Insurance contibutions to £111,121.

The measure is part of £28 million savings the council has to make over the next three years. Further savings, including further cuts to its senior management structure, have been put forward.

The proposed senior officer set-up would cut the total full-time equivalent posts from 14.6 to 9.4, with a reduction in middle management too, which could save £600,000 next year.

The committee is also asked to endorse the current use of so-called "zero hours" contracts as a further way of saving cash by filling vacancies temporarily.

A report by deputy director of resources Davina Fiore said: "It is clear that some organisations appear to be abusing the use of such contracts to guarantee the availability of staff for work, but the Isle of Wight Council does not operate casual or relief contracts in such a way and the worker is always able to turn down an offer of work should they choose not to accept."

*Mr Burbage told the County Press: "The council faces a very significant financial challenge and it is only right that it reviews its staffing.

"The council has made significant savings in senior management costs and will continue to do so.

"This proposal and those for senior management reflect the reality of the financial situation, as well as the dedication and commitment of the senior management of the council to lead from the front and take on additional duties at reduced salaries."

*It was initially reported the cut would be nearly £24,000. This was due to information in the Isle of Wight Council employment committee report.



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by Jack Woodford

10th January 2014, at 21:49:31

Thanks for that insightful contribution, Steve.
I am more than happy to play word chess with you - I've not got £28 million worth of cuts to make nor a reputation to salvage.
But I would rather you just provide the figures to answer the first point and also do the same for the second.
If you don't want to then just say so and I'll stop bothering you, fella.
Transparency. Yeah right, tell me another......

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by steve stubbings

10th January 2014, at 20:46:34

@ Jack Woodford
Interpret how you like, but no, it's not more expensive.
The civic budget is very small indeed.

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by roger mazillius

10th January 2014, at 17:29:21

KT, for a start there have been and are MPs as young as David.
As Leader, David was supported by an experienced Cabinet including businessmen, a "Captain of Industry", a Lawyer, a former senior Adult Social Services Officer, the Southern representative of the Federation of Small Businesses, a local farmer and a former senior Police Officer to identify some who daily contributed to the Member involvement at that level. So David was not on his own.
Then you must consider the involvement of Council staff, especially at Director and Manager level. Whilst elected Members set the policies of the Council, subject to the law, these policies are carried into practical effect by Officers. These Officers advise on the implementation of the policies approved by due process and would certainly make it clear if an administration was attempting to implement unlawful or harmful policies, to the extent that eg trying to set an improper budget would not be sanctioned.

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by Jack Woodford

10th January 2014, at 16:12:12

So Steve and Phil.
Forgive me if I interpret your silence as evidence that it is more expensive to employ Burby as a paid employee rather than as a consultant. Nice move.
I'll also assume you are currently deciding how you can keep the incoming chairman happy on a reduced civic budget.
Best of luck with that, dudes....

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by K Thornton

9th January 2014, at 19:23:40

@Roger, so the £8m cuts only pays for inflation then, as I thought and as previously posted. £300m @2.5%.

I know the rank and file council workers do their jobs to the best of their ability, the problems have always been with the quality of the executive, for example no one is going to say that the last leader was anything but a disaster, from both a PR and policy standpoint. Whoever decided to put the childlike Mr Pugh in that position of influence given the total LACK of any business or life experience was quite frankly off their bleeding rocker. He lived with his parents for pete's sake!

ps this isn't about red, blue or any other kind of politics, just simply people being fit for purpose. I don't subscribe to red, blue or green, it is simply business, and the same should apply to Westminster.

pps, I'm not lashing out, just trying to see where the mire will end.....

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by roger mazillius

9th January 2014, at 19:08:49

Sorry Don, but that really is no answer! Try again please but this time address the issues without a "clever" soundbite!

Log-in to Report

by Don Prescott

9th January 2014, at 17:27:46


"that is a load of conceited nonsense!"

Coming from yourself, that is truly epideictic!

Log-in to Report

by roger mazillius

9th January 2014, at 16:59:11

Don, frankly that is a load of conceited nonsense! So you will not offer your services because you are so brilliant! Dream on, surely. How can we improve the quality if those who could do so offer such reasons for not standing?
You might as well offer the same excuses for the quality of MPs and all other elected posts.
Sorry Don, I would agree that you post much that makes sense, but your last one wasn't one of them!

Log-in to Report

by Don Prescott

9th January 2014, at 15:12:16

" have either of you been elected to a local government authority "

the answer is NO, but not for want of many people asking/begging me to stand.

Problem is, if I HAD stood, I would probably been arrested for murder, given the quality of local Councillors.

For example, I have been asked twice in the past two weeks and for the umpteenth time in the past 9 years, to stand for election to Ventnor Town Council.

Can you IMAGINE - me and, er, shall we say, certain other self-publicists in the same room?

I am like my old pal John Wortham, someone for whom I have enormous respect - a better "policeman" than "politician".

Besides, just look at what happened to my last "opponent"!!

Know wot I mean, 'arry?

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by roger mazillius

9th January 2014, at 11:15:11

And here is another interesting fact - another well-known site habituated largely by anonymous persons except eg Phil and Steve who at least post as recognisable persons - had a thread posted by one of the site's owners only yesterday midday which referred to a "£28m budget gap over the next three years", confirming Steve's calculations. So Phil, it seems the only person who is confused is YOU!
KT. Inflation is always factored into the budget calculations.
I have not gone off topic re your education comments but have commented on the appropriate thread posted yesterday.
Also, there are many employees discharging their work responsibilities with a high degree of skill and dedication, in fact I would say, most of them. Many work incredibly hard and are not necessarily well-paid.
Also, before you just lash out at ALL elected Members, have either of you been elected to a local government authority? If not, then your comments are surely largely uninformed

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