Pay direct for parking permit

By a County Press reporter

Saturday, November 17, 2012


DIRECT debit payments to help spread the cost of the annual parking permit for drivers have been introduced by the Isle of Wight Council.

The 12-month permit gives drivers unlimited parking in any council-run long-stay car park, excluding Dinosaur Isle and Browns golf course.

Anyone buying the permits using direct debit will pay an initial £50 and then ten monthly instalments of £50 or a total bill of £550.

The cost works out at around £1.60 a day, significantly cheaper than buying a pay and display ticket. Currently, it costs £6.60 to park in a long-stay car park for more than six hours a day.

Motorists also have the option of paying £500 up front for the annual permit. There are also options to buy three-month and six-month permits, although direct debit payments are not available on these.

Anyone wishing to buy a permit can contact parking services on 01983 823714, visit a council help centre or log on to for more information.



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by LJ Parker

18th November 2012, at 21:53:13

£550 ! ... Do you get a free car with that ?

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by Alan Hunter

18th November 2012, at 17:25:45

Seems like County Hall live on a different Island to the rest of us ....£550 !!!! they are having a laugh!

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by Mike Crowe

18th November 2012, at 10:29:36

Mettew, spend it on County Hall, haven't you seen the scaffolding round the back?

And that's what you CAN see!

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by David Charlton

18th November 2012, at 00:15:05

To be fair the island is still cheap compared to the ridiculous amount red funnel charges for the triangle car park at £1600 per year!! I'm definitely not defending the council as I agree that charges are too high here, just think they are getting Their cues from the mainland.

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by James McAdder

17th November 2012, at 23:15:36

As someone who commutes daily to the mainland I used to park in the Quay Street (Ice rink) car park when the Resident's parking permit was available.

They first bumped the price up from £100 to £200, then to £500. At that point I stopped using the car park and and now park on-street, packing a small folding bike in my car (costing significantly less than £500) that gets me to the Hover in 3 mins from my parking place.

So, due to their greed, the council no longer gets £200 from to park my car. They now get nothing, zilch, zero!

And I can think of the nice things I can spend that £200 I WAS prepared to spend on a parking permit.

If they seriously expect they can get more people to buy into their rip-off and election-promise-breaking parking scam by asking them to pay £50 MORE then they are more stupid than they look (which is really saying something!!!)

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by Julia Bytheway

17th November 2012, at 17:51:30

Maybe if no-one paid this stupid amount, county hall would have a did they get away with putting the price up from £75 to £550....? I, for one, won't be paying it.

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by Mike Crowe

17th November 2012, at 17:38:27

"A fool and his money are soon parted"

Sorry County Hall, we are in no hurry to be parted with our money. Who looked in a mirror to think up this idea?

Hint to County Hall, 'A fool and his money are soon parted' Now how do you think he got his money? Paying stupid schemes like you are poking out is not one

They should never have closed down Whitecroft and let the occupants out. Just look at what is happening!

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by Mr Elliott

17th November 2012, at 16:51:03


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by Graeme Egerton

17th November 2012, at 13:19:04

So if you own a car in the twenty pound road tax bracket, it'll cost 27 times more to park when you get there than it did getting there. Sort of

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by Don Prescott

17th November 2012, at 13:03:29

£50 a month when we were paying £75 a year!
Just who at County Hall thinks that the punters are going to fall for this?
It's even a worse idea than Community Energy!

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