Police station to close to the public

By a County Press reporter

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


THE biggest town on the Isle of Wight is set to see its police station close to the public.

Police confirmed today (Tuesday) the front desk at Ryde would close on June 9, due to low usage.

A statement said: "During the period of review, the usage was less than nine per cent of the one based in Newport and equated to less than three people visiting the front office each day.

"While the changes come into effect from June 23, Ryde Police Station is closing from June 9 in response to staff shortages out of our control."

The decision means the Island will only have one front desk open to the public in Newport.

For more on this story, please see the Isle of Wight County Press on Friday, June 6.


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by Kevin Barclay-Jay

4th June 2014, at 16:55:22

I'm with Mark Voller ...and if anybody should know, he should.

We should be promoting the public face and presence of police on our streets, not hiding behind CCTV cameras and (non answering) telephones

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by Graeme Egerton

4th June 2014, at 15:31:07

Ok. I'm bored now, you win.

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by david wright

4th June 2014, at 15:10:52

@ Graham, Thank you for your useful tips but i know how to contact the police. My point is the retreat of the police to remote locations means when and or if you require an officer to attend from where does he come?

I think you are being naive if you think this is a positive action on behalf of IOW police. It is a negative step and one that will furthur reduce the police presence.
Nest step will be removing all police bases on the Island but it will be okay as they will be best value centrally based in Birmingham!
Thats progress son remember that!

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by Graeme Egerton

4th June 2014, at 14:06:27

David Wright, applying your logic, in the event of a crime taking place, I should make my way to the nearest Police Station? I would probably ring 999. The 101 number is to report minor offences, make enquiries and so on. The call centre, which I believe is located in Netley (please correct if wrong) can seamlessly connect you to your local officers. I have never once felt that they are anything less than 100% professional and helpful. In any case, the desks were not manned by Police Officers on the odd occasion I've been in, haven't been for years. The Hampshire Constabulary website will direct you to named members of your local team: is that not quite useful?

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by Mark Voller

4th June 2014, at 11:10:25

The decline of policing on the Island continues! This decision comes as no surprise, but should concern us all. The dubious survey on which this decision is based suggests 'only' three members of the public needed to visit the station a day. That's still over 1000 visits a year. We are not told why they went there, but it's a fair bet some had urgent or serious crimes to report, or perhaps wanted to pass information to a friendly face but would otherwise not bother.

It is sad that, in such a busy town, even at the time of the IW Festival, Scooter Rally and Carnivals, such a basic service can't be provided

I'd like to know more about the survey. Was it carried out during the quiet months, perhaps while the office was closed at times due to 'staff shortages out of our control?'

Beside that, using visitor numbers as the sole criteria for closure is mistaken. Front office staff deal with telephone enquiries and provide much support to police colleagues so things run efficiently.

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by Mike Hailston

4th June 2014, at 10:11:06

It is about money and savings. This is fine as long as they sell the building at the market rate and give the funds back to the body that funds them. I then also hope that this is reflected in a reduction in their budget as they now have one building less to pay for.

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by Ashley Harcourt

4th June 2014, at 09:42:45

It seems a waste of resources to run two stations in Ryde anyway.
There’s an almost permanent station now on East Hill Road. Painted white with four black tyres and two cameras hanging out of it.

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by john jones

4th June 2014, at 07:02:18

its not about anything other than saving money!!!!! thing is where is all the money going that is being saved?????????
don't even mention PCSO's waste of time.

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by david wright

4th June 2014, at 00:39:51

@ Graham Egerton/Peter Glasgow
Are you two for real? whilst i agree resources need to spent wisely hence my comments on the COMPLETELY pointless Police commisioner do you not understand that the contraction or retreat of Police front line services from the community is the last thing we should be applauding.
When you are being attacked in the street or your house burgled feel secure and safe to know there is a Police website you can log onto or a call centre in the Phillipines to deal with your call!

We need Police in the community to keep criminal activity low not cars driven through at 80mph as the only police presence.

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by Graeme Egerton

4th June 2014, at 00:18:46

http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet/contact-us/ There's lots of ways to contact your local police these days: I'm sure most people would rather call 101 or 0845 0454545, email etc rather than visit the local station. It seems like an anachronism in our fast paced modern world: how often do most people need to visit a bank for instance these days? I'm guessing this would impact on older members of the community but I'm sure a Community Officer (PC or PCSO) would call if necessary. The telephone operators are most efficient and will transfer you to whomever you need to speak to.

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