Price not right for Tour de Wight

By Emily Pearce

Friday, July 18, 2014


Price not right for Tour de Wight

Cyclists compete in the 2011 Island Games. Picture by Jennifer Burton.


A COUNCILLOR'S suggestion the Isle of Wight should host the Tour de France has been rejected as too expensive.

Cllr Bob Seely said the Island should bid to host the event’s opening stages, Le Grand Depart.

He said: "The Island is rightly regarded as having some of the best cycle in the UK and Europe. If Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire can host the Tour, why not Hampshire and the Isle of Wight?"

But executive member for tourism Cllr Shirley Smart said the Isle of Wight Council would have to foot the bill.

"If the council is happy in invest £1.5m in funding I would be happy to ask the leader," she said at last night’s (Wednesday) full council meeting,

Council leader Cllr Ian Stephens said he would ask the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) if any money could be made available.

If not Le Tour, it could be possible the Island could host a road race to further enhance it's reputation as a cycling destination, he said.

*After the idea was raised on social media by Islanders, Women's Tour of Britain organiser Guy Elliott said they would considering coming to the Isle of Wight, if it was a serious request.


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by Laura Smith

23rd July 2014, at 15:33:40

It's not an official bus stop though is it? When I can I cycle out of the way, there was a phone in on this subject by Jeremy Vine. Many said those who wear what others consider 'professional' get up like team kits or cycling jerseys car drivers are more than likely going to give them less room as they presume they are professional cyclist. It was said that drivers are more wary of those cyclists in shorts and t-shirts and at times not wearing cycle helmets.
I just wonder, if those drivers who shout and swear at me after cutting me up do the same to those that ride horses on the road or even walk....

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by carl palmer

22nd July 2014, at 17:56:36

laura, have a look on google maps, just past lime kiln shute....enormous stopping area for busses to stop and other slow moving traffic to pull over. and for the person who decided to state that there wasn't anywhere for a tractor to pull over (implying I wasn't telling the truth) have a look on google maps street view just before lime kiln shute you will see the area that tractors commonly use to pull over, you can even see where the grass is worn away...but not the bikes! I do agree though with Laura smith this is about a fabulous road race that sadly would never realistically come to the island, I was just referring to an earlier ref about cyclist and in no way inferred that they are all slow or un trained or a danger to themselves or deliberately go out of their way to prove they don't need to stop, just that some of them are just as some arrogant drivers feel they have a right to intimidate cyclists, bot sides have faults

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by Laura Smith

22nd July 2014, at 14:27:39

All drivers have paid for the privilege, are you sure about that? And who says the cyclists you're complaining about don't also own a car, meaning they are paying in the way you keep on about!!

And since when have bus stops on the downs have an area for a bus to pull in? That's a rare sight across the island let alone the downs!

As I've said previously, this story is not about cyclists in general, it's about hosting a world famous event that could be a huge boost for the Island. I'm sure if it was a personal interest of the moaners they'd be all over it.

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by carl palmer

22nd July 2014, at 13:39:51

steve... not sure what downs you drive along but the one I use has pull ins, and bus stops and even a layby

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by carl palmer

22nd July 2014, at 13:36:46

ls...I said "not all" but as usual no one notices that they just spout on about the ones who are not like that. yes I know there are expensive bike, I own one but there are loads that are not, just because you are none of the things I mentioned doesn't mean there are not loads that are all of them as my dash cam can testify

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by Mike Powell

22nd July 2014, at 09:58:55

Steve lets here your facts-and figures then quick to spout but nothing to back it up.

Lets here how cyclists pay as much as car drivers, await with baited breath.

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by Steve Smith

21st July 2014, at 23:49:43

Oh please Mike, give it a rest, car drivers pay no more than cyclists for the privilege of using the roads.

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by Mike Powell

21st July 2014, at 20:02:52

You are right not all car drivers are perfect, the difference is they have paid for the privilege of not been perfect, and are not like cyclists freeloading on the roads.

And the tour looked great but not on the Island.

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by roger mazillius

21st July 2014, at 16:02:19

Well said LS|!

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by Laura Smith

21st July 2014, at 14:33:58

Don't mean to be pedantic but those cyclists being slated for donning lycra will more than likely be doing more than 5mph.

If you care to see what the tour is about have a look, ITV4. Their average speed is 27mph. They're not wobbling up hills and the don't potter around. There are many on the Island who can go faster than 5mph and can go up hill without wobbling, I am one!

And if you fancy googling the cost of bikes now.....if one were to hit your passenger door I'm sure they would be more gutted about the damage to their bike than you would be about your car.

Of course, all car drivers are perfect, all stick to the highway code, no reversing on to main carriage ways, never go through a red or even amber light.

You cannot generalise cyclists, this is about getting a world famous cycling event on the Island, not your gripes about people trying to keep fit!

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