Protest at police’s ‘blind eye’

By Richard Wright

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Protest at police’s ‘blind eye’

Protesters outside Newport Police Station.

CAMPAIGNERS staged a placard waving protest against police 'inaction’ on Saturday.

Supporters of the Isle of Wight Badger Trust and hunt monitors from the mainland now promise to express their 'disgust’ at police behaviour at Isle of Wight Hunt meets at a protest at Winchester police headquarters.

They claim a blind eye is being turned to enforcement of the Hunting Act and Badgers Act on the Island — a claim denied by police and by the Isle of Wight Hunt, which maintains it holds meetings which comply with the law.

After protesting outside the police station in Newport on Saturday, they marched through the town, handing out leaflets .

Hunt monitor spokesman Simon Wild said: "Police said they had to close the police station because of the noise but I do not think the public will have lost out on much by closing the police station, as the Isle of Wight police would not attend calls we made when we had evidence of people digging a large badger sett on the Island.

"Hunt monitors want to work in partnership with the police, as occurs on the mainland, but we cannot do this with the current attitude."

A police spokesman said: "Complaints against the police will always be dealt with in a fair and impartial, open and transparent manner."


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