Pub trade forum to be established

By a County Press reporter

Friday, January 24, 2014


THE next step towards setting up a forum for the pub trade on the Isle of Wight will be taken next Friday.

Publicans, brewers and anyone else associated with the licensing trade is being invited to a meeting at the Riverside Centre, at 9.30am.

David Thornton, chief executive of Visit Isle of Wight, will talk about opportunities for pubs in the Acoustic Island festival scheduled for March.

This meeting follows one on January 17, organised by MP Andrew Turner and the Campaign for Real Ale's John Nicholson — who is also an Isle of Wight councillor — where landlords, managers and brewers aired issues ranging from government taxation to the council's attitude to noise levels and pub chains' treatment of their tenants.

That meeting was chaired by Alan Marriott, County Press editor, who is supporting the group along with marketing expert Tim Addison, of

Next Friday's meeting will look at how a forum would work and put the wheels in motion.

Anyone wishing to attend is welcome but for more information contact Andrew Turner's office on 01983 530808 or


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by Kevin Barclay-Jay

26th January 2014, at 16:56:55

not one of my daytime regulars is in the place after 7 in the evening and the vast majority are retired or not working because of the weather or start and finish early. The vast majority of my evening crowd are young employed watching football or playing poo and have work in the morning...or they are tourists/visitors. of course I can't talk about other pubs, but your gross generalisation is not accurate. Maybe you should pop into your local once in a while and meet you neighbours instead of walking by.

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by Kevin Barclay-Jay

25th January 2014, at 19:50:30

........and in the old days the Pubs had more restricted hours....but just about every town had a Nightclub or there are no licensed Nightclubs on the Island at all

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by Kevin Barclay-Jay

25th January 2014, at 19:47:42

What utter rubbish...most alcoholics do not drink in pubs..they do it from Supermarkets who destroyed Off Licences that were able to control such things... The drunks on the streets of Sandown are all barred from the pubs and supplied by one shop. Responsible landlords lead to responsible customers.....most drink related problems are teenagers who are already drunk and are turned away from pubs, or in badly controlled pubs.

We are licensed to 2 seven days a week and choose to close at 12 weekdays....The Police congratulate us on controlling those nights were we are open until 2

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by steve cummings

25th January 2014, at 17:55:01

Lee, the 70s and 80s have long gone - people who might have gone to the I of W now go to Turkey, Spain, Florida etc. I was in Ventnor for a couple of weeks last March/April. I never saw one instance of bad behaviour from anyone due to drink. If the opening-hours went back to how they were in the 50s it wouldn't bother me personally as I am usually back home by 10 o'clock anyway. But people on holiday will not want a return to the old days where everything shut in the afternoon and they all went off to tea-rooms to fill in the time until ,they were allowed back into their B & Bs. I am, by the way, completely against 24-hour opening and knew, as I am sure did you, what it would lead to.

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by David Blackford

25th January 2014, at 14:14:14

How many drunks are out on Union Street in Ryde in the early hours? 100 or so out of a population of say, 30,000. Close the pubs at midnight, problem solved

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by Ashley Harcourt

25th January 2014, at 12:18:53

I completely agree with the earlier comments by the Temperance Movement.

Before the licensing of pubs relaxed in 2005:
- there were never any drunks, drunkenness is 100% reliant on pubs being open all day.
- there was never any noise, not even a raised voice, only drunks make noise and there weren’t any drunks.
- nobody ever drank and drove, they couldn’t as there weren’t any drunks
- alcoholism didn’t exist and wasn’t invented until 2005, as clearly there weren’t any drunks
- no drunk vandalism add there weren’t any drunks and only drunks vandalise things

It was Nirvana.
And of course if we curbed opening hours all the alcoholics and drunks (not that they could exist without pubs it seems) would be sober as none of them would work out how to find a drink in an off-licence.
Treble Ribenas all round I say.

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by Keven Ball

25th January 2014, at 12:13:21

There are some lovely pubs on the island. However some are very expensive!

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by Colin Russell

25th January 2014, at 11:31:25

I agree with you lee on the opening times ,
just walk down Union Street Ryde on a Sat/Sun morning early i do to buy a newspaper and there is sick everywhere,
There are 2 guys and a mini sweeper that work in all weathers cleaning that street so its clean for the shoppers, they are worth every penny and more doing that job.

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by David Blackford

25th January 2014, at 09:03:55

The whole idea when bar opening times was relaxed was that this country would become a café society with people sitting out on the pavements sipping wine, as they do in France.
Sadly, in this Country many people don't know that alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation

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by steve cummings

25th January 2014, at 07:20:24

Lee Majors, you forgot one thing: No holiday-makers. Do you really think people will choose to holiday on an island where every Pub, Bar-Restaurant etc is closed for half the day? I am currently looking at houses for sale on the island. If your idea was carried-out I wouldn't even consider buying a property here. And I am a moderate, or "social" drinker, not a binger. I totally agree that a closing-time of 1130 or midnight is reasonable though.

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