Public buildings for up sale

By Emily Pearce

Friday, August 31, 2012


A HOST of well-known Isle of Wight buildings, tourist attractions and community facilities are to be sold.

The Isle of Wight Council’s property disposals programme — more than 70 properties listed for sale over the next four years — was approved on Thursday, last week.

The list includes school buildings deemed surplus to requirements following the schools reorganisation, plus libraries, youth centres, public toilets and mental health day centres closed following last year’s public service cuts.

Negotiations regarding the sale of Ryde Theatre, Ventnor Winter Gardens and the Blackgang Viewpoint car park are ongoing, as previously reported, although no decision has yet been made on the future of Newport Guildhall.

According to the council, the building cannot be sold until conditions have been discussed and agreed.

Other sites listed for sale include Dinosaur Isle, Seaview Dinghy Park and South Street car park, Newport, which could be sold as part of a town centre redevelopment scheme.

Although most properties are likely to be sold on the open market, some will be sold with conditions protecting their community use.

The council hopes to generate around £1 million, excluding the sale of school buildings, over the next year.



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by Colin Russell

1st September 2012, at 13:14:58

I hope not Mr Bailey,I,d rather see the festvil on the Mainland the few hundred Island people that go travel to the mainland rather than the thousand travel to the island, people say it benifits the Island my a$$e it benifits the council/ferries/ and the burger bars on site and solo and who ever lets the fields, it does nothing for the 90 per cent of the rest of us except the mess and the traffic lash up, i hear the council and solo have a plan for next year its so secret they can not tell us, PUGH and BENYON whats secret about traffic management or don,t you know yet untill you pay someoneto work it out and then tell you.

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by Douglas Bailey

31st August 2012, at 20:04:54

I'm waiting for the council to announce that Seaclose Park is up for sale to a well known festivil organizer!! That will be next on their list.

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by Russell Palin

31st August 2012, at 19:01:34

The council should be building homes on these sites that can be rented out. Then over time it will become prosperous again like in the past.
Remember the past when the council was prosperous? No need for parking charges to pay the wages. Those were the days.

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by Colin Russell

31st August 2012, at 15:49:14

Here we go again, i agree with Mr Smith selling off the family silver,coco and his clowns have not got a clue, just how much money have we the tax payer got in the bank via this council, and god help the people who need help with council tax, now that this council will be in charge,of it i think this council motto don,t do what we do, do what we say, come voting time we will be able to say to coco don,t do what you want do what we want ON YOUR BIKES, I aiso see Wightlink is going to the winter time table early wining about the price of diesel, after years of rip off prices people have got wise to it and do not want to pay them, as reported in the press people are just not coming over, so rather than half empity boats lets go to winter time table,.its cheaper to go to france, at the en

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by Richard Taylor

31st August 2012, at 12:05:36

There's a much easier way of saving a million at County Hall.........

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by Russell Palin

31st August 2012, at 11:57:25

"The council hopes to generate around £1 million"

Just a drop in the ocean...

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31st August 2012, at 11:49:58

BEFORE we sell off OUR family silver shouldn't WE the tax payer have our say BECAUSE they belong to ALL of us COUNCIL TAX payers. NOT just PUGH and his MERRY MEN. Typicalcal TORIE SELL when prices are LOW and BUY when the market is HIGH. THEY are playing with US. And to say they will protect those that are community used LIKE the VENTOR BOTANICAL GARDENS? You have got to ask your self Who is most likely to buy theses properties I would say SOME of PUGHS MERRY MEN and FRIENDS, NOT the people who own them NOW the COUNCIL TAX PAYER. THE one million pound they hope to make will NOT repay the options of visitors that either DO not or WILL NOT return to the island due the the closing of public amenities, toilets and the general running down of the island what family is going to move to somewhe

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by Stephen Oatley

31st August 2012, at 11:02:35

Sadly a sign of the times...I would like to know what better use you would be able to find for these buildings? I would consider Mental health day centres, libraries and schools necessary in a progressive society

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by jenny cannell

31st August 2012, at 10:57:24

I think it will be a for the council to sell off the schools they have closed.... surely they will realise that the school system is a shambles and the High Schools have too many pupils, meaning we will need more sites to return to smaller schools, which it is proven give our students a better education, hence better grades..

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