Pupils happy to be seeing stars

By Jamie White

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Pupils happy to be seeing stars

Paul England, centre, showing the pupils a model of the earth in its orbit around the sun. Picture by Peter Boam.

STUDENTS at Love Lane Primary School had an out-of-world experience when a planetarium was set up inside the school.

The planetarium was in the form of an inflatable tent with a computer and other props, making it an interactive 3D experience for the youngsters.

They got to learn about the solar system and its planets and found out more about the different stars and their constellations.

Deputy headteacher Dave Cooper said: "Island Planetarium visited the school and set up a display in the hall, which was very impressive and certainly had the 'wow’ factor with the children. The idea of the day was to get the children learning about the moon, planets, outer space and the different seasons in a fun and educational way, because it is a topic we are covering in classes at the moment.

"It was very well received by the pupils and a real benefit to their learning."

Reporter: jamiew@iwcpmail.co.uk

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