Recruiting for top jobs

By a County Press reporter

Sunday, January 27, 2013


The Isle of Wight Council will appoint a new recruitment agency to fill senior posts, which are expected to become vacant in the coming months.

A contract with a search and recruitment agency has recently ended and councillors will on Monday consider giving approval for a new agency to be sought.

Members will be told such a contract enables the council to develop a relationship with an agency that both understands the Island context and promotes the Island as a good place to work.

Most vacancies coming up in 12 to 18 months will be due to retirement and it is feared there would be delays in recruitment without an agency.


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by Roe driver

28th January 2013, at 17:22:36

first point have these positions been filled using agencies before
if no surely if the wrong people are placed in these vacancies there will be someone to point the finger at
where there,s blame there,s a claim
why not offer a basic salary of say 20k for these positions then pay the rest by results
if I don,t get a job done to the satisfaction of the customer I don,t get paid and I bet there a great deal of islanders in the same boat


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by augustus miller

28th January 2013, at 15:41:05

come on mr crowe you cant hide behind other comment forums. do you drink alcohol or not ?

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by Mike Crowe

28th January 2013, at 12:47:40

Colin correct me if I am wrong, but the agency will be looking for Isle of Wight Council Employees. David is not, if I am correct, an employee of the Isle of Wight Council.

As I understand it, he is Leader of the Isle of Wight Council, there by your vote and in receipt of an allowance provided by the Isle of Wight Council. They don't pay his stamp or do his Tax deductions as they do for the rest of those who work for the Isle of Wight Council, staff in the various departments.

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by Colin Russell

28th January 2013, at 11:43:59

I think this Council neds to wait untill after May, then Pugh and co can use there own money to use the agency to find them new job,s.

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by T Rollingsworth

28th January 2013, at 10:43:56

Martin, the sad fact is that there aren't enough people on the Island that could fill all the senior posts.
The people that are good enough will be commuting to the mainland everyday and probably getting paid more than any IoW job to cover the travel cost.

Besides, does it matter who they hire? The IWC will only sack/make them redundant before they become useful!

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by Kevin Barclay-Jay

28th January 2013, at 02:29:41

we need a new agency..the last one was rubbish

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by LJ Parker

28th January 2013, at 00:55:03

I've heard a whisper that Jimmy Krankie and The Chuckle Brothers are all interested ... Oh and Harry Redknap might be interested if he can bring Joe Jordan with him to help.

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by Martin Heath

27th January 2013, at 17:16:58

Too true. Can't have Islanders having well paid jobs. They'd only go and waste it on a new house in Pennyfeathers.. :-)

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by Liam Thom

27th January 2013, at 15:26:03

Assume they will appoint a mainland firm. They won't want the top jobs going to Islanders.

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