Sandown Academy in special measures

By a County Press reporter

Saturday, March 2, 2013


SANDOWN Bay Academy has been placed into special measures by Ofsted.

Parents were informed by letter this morning (Saturday) that the Isle of Wight school has been judged by the schools watchdog not to be providing an acceptable standard of education.

The special measures status comes into effect from Monday and parents and carers have been called to two meetings about the decision, to be held on Tuesday, March 12.

Sandown follows Cowes Enterprise College into special measures.

The letter, from chair of governors John Gansler, was also signed by Jonathan De Sausmarez, AET's regional director of education.

AET is the national educational trust which runs Sandown and Ryde academies, following 2011's schools reorganisation.

The letter states there were 'no excuses' for the unacceptable standards of achievement, behaviour and leadership Ofsted has found.

It goes on to say the school is bitterly disappointed at the findings.

Officials recognised interim headteacher Shaheen Khan-Jones, formerly at Carisbrooke College and who took over at Sandown last year, had set up new systems to ensure rapid improvement but these had not yet taken full effect.

The letter also states the school will now have access to additional resources and support as it is in special measures.

One parent, who did not wish to be named, told the County Press the findings were deeply worrying for her children and everybody else involved.

She said: "My children say there is little continuity of teaching and that cannot be good for them.

"I tried to move one of my children to Christ the King College in Newport but that is full.

"You have to think this has a lot to do with the reorganisation and I question whether that was done properly."

The meetings on March 12 are from 5pm to 6.30pm for parents of younger children and 6.30pm to 8pm for older age groups.

The full findings of the Ofsted inspection, which took place on January 16 and 17, will be on the Ofsted and school websites from Monday, according to the letter.


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by David Shoulder

4th March 2013, at 09:33:59

This decline has been building for years. It is not really about systems - it is about people. It is hugely to do with something that might be described as an "island mentality". Low aspiration - limited outlook - poor role models - low levels of achievement etc. Consequently the island has built up a massive pool of low level depravation - behavioural problems and learning difficulties. Resources are overstretched. Structural reorganisation never addressed the real problem. It will jrequire a very long slog to build a something better - there is no quick fix.

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by Ian Young

4th March 2013, at 09:05:38

It would be wrong to let those responsible for the current sorry state of affairs off the hook by trying to blame students and parents.

Passing by my window this morning there are a group of well behaved, well dressed, in the main articulate young people on their way to Cowes Enterprise College, I am not sure what else they or their parents can do, I am sure they deserve better.

I see an campaign strategy taking shape here which is to imply that our education system would be excellent if it was not for these pesky students and parents do not fall for it.

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by David Shoulder

4th March 2013, at 08:18:38

"better" education.

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by David Shoulder

4th March 2013, at 08:08:32

The route to a good education depends on an effective partnership between school life and home life. The extent that this has been achieved on the Island is reflected by the poor levels of attainment. Parents should look at themselves and really consider what they have brought to the partnership - especially in terms of raising the bar aspirations and the day to day imput and encouragement they offer their children and school. The difficulty now is the general decline is so imbedded and resources so stretched there is a mountain to climb and in the meantime so many children are going to be badly served by Island schools. There is no easy answer now because parental choice is established as a right. If we could insist that all children have to go to their catchment school the whole community would be motivated to improve that school and we would not have the ridiculous cost - especially learning time cost - of busing children all over the Island in the vain pursuit of a "better&quo

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by Michelle Jones

3rd March 2013, at 15:33:11

I think it is unfair to blame Mrs Khan-Jones at this stage for the problems at Sandown. She was appointed as an interim head because standards at the school were perceived to have dropped to an unacceptable level. She has been at the school for a little over a term and a half, and,as stated in the letter to parents some of the measures she has put in place will take a little longer to bear fruit. It is the lack of support of support and forethought of the local authority that has let the school down.
Also, standards of behaviour are not what they once were and here, I'm afraid, parents must shoulder much of the responsibility.

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by Jake Wallace

3rd March 2013, at 02:25:23

How about you start blaming the failing kids that go there & not the one's doing a job to keep them there. I know what would suit you lot, the empty classrooms with 2 teachers at least that way people could have jobs.

Also don't they segregate the idiots & the achievers, so that those that want to work, work, & those that don't .. well we all know where there to found.

Blame the parents with the social welfare mentalilty, i don't have to take care of my kids cause the government can. You know those Rioting, Vandalising, Drunk Kids .. that this island seems to find totally ok to just let do what ever they want.

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by Gary Ball

2nd March 2013, at 23:41:47

In all honesty Mr Pugh & Mr Beynon when you're sat at home at night thinking about your day at work, as we all do, do you really think you've done a good job and are the right people for the job? If you do I'm sorry to tell you that you're way off the mark and it's you that need to be placed in special measures.

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by Alison Langdon

2nd March 2013, at 19:12:18

I'm sure every parent that protested against the changes is as furious about this as I am, and my children don't even go to Sandown. Every IW Councillor who voted through these changes should hang their heads in shame. Still most of them are standing down and won't even give the voters the pleasure of sending them packing. Spineless!

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by sylvie harris

2nd March 2013, at 18:43:45

I am so sad to read about the present state of many Island schools. Is it really possible that Sandown Bay Academy can be the current successor to Sandown Grammar School,where I and many hundreds of Island children studied and had such happy times?

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by Mike Crowe

2nd March 2013, at 17:59:05

Things will be SOOOOOOOO much better under you Kevin

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