Sandwich firm forced to close

By Richard Wright

Monday, January 28, 2013


A TOTAL of six full and part-time jobs have been lost with closure of an Isle of Wight sandwich business.

Wight Bites, based at Nicholson Road, Ryde, had been in business for almost seven years.

It was established by husband and wife partnership, Clive and Natasha White, and produced sandwiches for outlets across the Island, including the Full Circle restaurant at St Mary’s Hospital.

Wight Bites had two delivery vans taking sandwiches to workplaces too.

"It is with massive regret we have had to do this after putting blood, sweat and tears into establishing this business from nothing but there was no alternative," said Mr White.

"There was increasing competition at a time when people are cutting back. An illustration of that is in the last year to 18 months sales at St Mary’s have reduced by 27 per cent.

"Supermarkets were also selling sandwiches for less than it was costing us to make them.

"We have been able to help three of our staff find alternative employment."


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by Julian Fry

29th January 2013, at 10:25:59

I'm almost afraid to click on The CP, now.

There's a bust a day.

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29th January 2013, at 09:59:44

Yes, the 'holier than thou' utterings of the usual three are quite nauseating !

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by kevin froment

29th January 2013, at 09:07:34

i am shocked at the level of ill feeling that this poor couple have been bashed by, they are now out of work, 3 of their staff are out of work, does no one care, a few prison officers are AT RISK but not definately going to lose their jobs and everyone berates the government and employers for doing it, even sets up a petition, as if thats going to do anything, its the same with this firm only smaller, shame on you all

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by Stephen Elliott

28th January 2013, at 21:47:07

That's exactly it Lee.

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by Stephen Elliott

28th January 2013, at 18:14:54

Basically it boils down to this...

People would rather eat at home than pay inflated prices for a cheap sandwich filled with cheap ingredients from any establishment!

End of

Supply and demand

People demand people get.

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by Mike Crowe

28th January 2013, at 15:42:15

""Paying a fair wage is hardly a burden"" David doing that and paying the 'Dead Money' mentioned below AND the cheap labour overseas did me out of a very big extension on a contract I had already. My customer could have a completed unit built in the Far East for LESS than he could buy the component parts for. That was before I would have put my costs on for assembly.

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by david wright

28th January 2013, at 15:12:04

Minimum wage an unnecessary burden? Despite all the gnashing of teeth from the rampant greed is god capitalists it didn't bring the country down did it?Paying a fair wage is hardly a burden unless of course we should bring back workhouses and exploit child labour to make businesses profitable? Times are tough so business have to plan to survive it and too many live champagne lifestyles with a brown ale income. Note that this is a general comment and it is not directed at this business which i know nothing about and whose owners and staff have my sympathy regarding the unfortunate closure.

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by Mike Crowe

28th January 2013, at 13:28:13

James when I expanded into my second factory I did a little exercise to see what the 'Dead Money' was. Dead Money is the cost of having a unit before you ever open the door and switch a light on. Money which has to be spent even on Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Sundays if you are not working.
Rent per month x 12
Water standing charge per quarter X 4
Insurance on the building X 1? Annual
Standing Charges on Gas, Electric, Water, X 4? Quarterly

These are the essentials do the calculations then dividee by 365.

That is what it costs just to have the unit each and every day.

Then add employer insurance if you have staff. Telephone rental standing charge. Vehicle leasing charges.

Then you switch a light on, turn a tap on and fill the kettle but these are optional and not 'Dead Money'

On visiting companies, very few knew what their daily dead money was.

And I doubt if the Sandwich business did either.

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