Scrutiny chair does not want college inquiry behind closed doors

By David Newble

Friday, May 2, 2014


Scrutiny chair does not want college inquiry behind closed doors

Cowes Enterprise College. Picture by Robin Crossley.

A PUBLIC inquiry into the Cowes Enterprise College debacle has been ruled out by the Isle of Wight Council’s scrutiny committee.

At a meeting of the committee last night (Thursday) committee chairman, Cllr Geoff Lumley, said he was not prepared to hold an inquiry into what went wrong, if it had to be held in private.

He said: "One thing I have made very clear, I wanted full openness and transparency regarding what happened. We are talking about a hell of a lot of tax payers' money.

"However, unless there is full openness about the documentation I don’t believe that we have got any role in an inquiry. It would have to be undertaken on a confidential basis, we would have to exclude the public and press, and I don’t want to be associated with that sort of enquiry."



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by David Blackford

4th May 2014, at 06:21:00

It is a great pity that none of us have sufficient funds to offer to pay for a public enquiry

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by Colin Russell

3rd May 2014, at 20:51:54

Mat, the scrutiny isn't working because,they are doing it themselves, with what's been going on it need's to be done by a third party that can do somthing about it, when we got a new council voted in i was hoping for some good coming out of it but a few months in no better than the last lot what a big disappointment but we end up with a bunch of cleaners, you know the sweep it under the carpet one's

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by alan naylor

3rd May 2014, at 13:19:47

Its all too late everyone responcerble has flown the coote its happened before and it will happen again have a good day everyone

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by Mat Thomas

3rd May 2014, at 12:27:42

It is scrutiny itself that isn't working, like it always has been a problem. It didn't work before Cllr lumley took over and it hasn't worked since either.

It is part of the establishment, supposedly to extend local democracy but it hasn't been effective.

It didn't scrutinise Broadband properly, it probably won't scrutinise PFI and island roads.It didn't scrutinise the ferries properly and it has failed on the college already.

It is down to us, the public to scrutinise and take the initiative. At the end of the day it will be the same with the decision making process too.

Some call it people power but it is part o the empowerment process where the existing politicians are becoming defunct. People don't want anything to do with them so the public have to do it themselves.

In future, if you have a public meeting, do it yourselves, don't ask anyone else for their expert help.

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by Chris Firth

2nd May 2014, at 16:23:30

oh and they don`t do a Sunday lottery, but they will in 2016!

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by Chris Firth

2nd May 2014, at 15:40:05

sorry Nick am I being obtuse, what foresight, and btw 1,5,14,16,22,45

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by Nick Newton

2nd May 2014, at 14:34:36

Chris, I'm impressed, you obviously have the gift of foresight. Using that gift, please could you tell me the lottery numbers for 1st May 2016 - that would be really useful.

The art of hindsight

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by Colin Russell

2nd May 2014, at 13:12:10

I see what mean Chris about Pihl, some got part of there money back, what did this Council get,,,,?

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by Chris Firth

2nd May 2014, at 12:17:26

Sorry too many words

This link on Pihl is interesting, why would you choose them?

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by Chris Firth

2nd May 2014, at 12:16:45

Why is there a confidentiality problem?, We were at the CEC meeting the other night and it was like a meeting of MI5, no one could mention anything or anyone, absolute bullsh**. Surely under the "Misconduct in Public Office " offence, there is enough evidence to force relevant official to a: disclose emails and correspondance and b: stop the council blocking access to ALL relevant communications. I wholey agree with Geoff Lumley, a closed door public enquiry would be pointless, but we need a public enquiry full stop. How can we be, as tax payers, sure that this will not happen again and that the people to blame are still not in office.
All we heard at the meeting on Monday was "Draw a line in the sand and start over", erm NO, we want to know why, who and the reasoning behind it all. The Ofsted meeting was the same, forget whats happened lets look forwards....NO you HAVE to look back to correct mistakes otherwisw you will do it again. This link is interesting on Pih

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