Size of the Island's obesity problem revealed

By Ross Findon

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


OBESITY and overweight levels on the Isle of Wight are the second highest in the region, figures have revealed today (Tuesday).

Public Health England (PHE) has released data that showed almost two thirds of adult Islanders were obese or overweight, leaving them at increased risk of health conditions including Type 2 Diabetes and mental health and self-esteem issues.

On the Island, 64.9 per cent of adults were classed as obese or overweight, compared to 65.1 per cent for Hampshire, the highest 2012 Wessex regional figure.

Nationally the average was 64 per cent, according to a spokesman.

Dr Jim O’Brien, Wessex PHE centre director, said: "Public Health England is committed to helping tackle the levels of people who are overweight and obese in Wessex by supporting our local authorities to develop a broad programme of action to reduce levels of excess weight.

"There is no silver bullet to reducing obesity. It is an issue that requires action at national, local, family and individual level. Local authorities are ideally placed to develop co-ordinated action across their departments, services and partner organisations to tackle overweight and obesity in the local population.

"This new data will enable local councils to monitor progress towards the national ambition of achieving a downward trend in excess weight by 2020. Today’s information will help local authorities to understand the extent of the problem in their area and support their on-going efforts to tackle overweight and obesity and improve the health of their local population."

Health problems relating to obesity cost the NHS £5 billion a year according to PHE.

See the figures below and read more on this story in the Isle of Wight County Press on Friday, February 7.

Percentage of adults who are overweight or obese
Hampshire 65.1%
Isle of Wight 64.9%
Southampton 64.8%
Dorset 62.4%
Bournemouth 58.7%
Portsmouth 57.9%
Poole 57.6%


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by Keven Ball

7th February 2014, at 10:58:42

And thanks for the stars?

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by Keven Ball

7th February 2014, at 10:57:55

It is not about being right or wrong Neil. It is a fact that if you eat too much and do not exercise you will gain weight and put your health under high risk - is that wrong? There are factors of people such as rugby players, bodybuilders who will be overweight but active and fit. Then you have people with medical conditions which would make up for a very small percentage on average. Many of them on average are just lazy and should take ownership of their weight...

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by Keven Ball

6th February 2014, at 11:15:15

Hi Baz,
Put on your reading glasses and read the my post under the one you replied to, for your answer.

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by Baz Taylor

6th February 2014, at 09:39:52

Kaven: Like I said earlier; and you are PERFECT, are you not?

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by Keven Ball

5th February 2014, at 20:07:56

Some odd comments as per usual below. No one is perfect, that is a fact. However, people are in control of their weight, unless it is a medical condition. Therefore, people who are fat are lazy and should eat less and exercise more. There are support grounds for the fat. And by the way I am not fat... I don't need to ask this question back, I know the answer...

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by T Rollingsworth

5th February 2014, at 12:48:39

I laugh in the face of anyone that believes the BMI nonsense.

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by Gaby Hill

5th February 2014, at 09:32:20

Might be an idea for the section of staff at St. Mary,s who are part of this percentage to set an example! It's hypocrisy for a fat health care worker to advise a fat patient to diet.

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by Baz Taylor

4th February 2014, at 23:38:18

I'm 17 stone, 5'9" and in shape. (Round is a shape!)
All this helps me barge my way to the front of the queue at our local chip shop!

Log-in to Report

by Baz Taylor

4th February 2014, at 23:35:26

@ Keving Boll: "I can understand this being the case. People in general who are overweight or obese are lazy. Say no more..."

But of course, you are PERFECT are you not?

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by vinny phillips

4th February 2014, at 21:31:13

It certainly doesnt help the youth, the next generation, when the council build on green areas, areas that were used for sport, and doing sport helps with keeping the weight off. The new Gatten and Lake Primary school was built on a playing field that had been used for over 20 years as a football field, giving children a sport, to help them improve their football skills, and keep them healthy. If change is needed, then fine, but not at the cost of health, it comes back later to cost a packet on the NHS

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