Special meeting will decide supermarket battle

By a County Press reporter

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


A SPECIAL Isle of Wight Council planning meeting will hear rival applications for a new supermarket on the outskirts of Newport.

Separate planning applications have been lodged by supermarket giant Asda and the owners of the neighbouring Newport football ground, South Coast Leisure (SCL), for land off St George’s Way.

SCL has submitted an alternative scheme for land adjacent to where Asda wants to build its first Isle of Wight store, creating 450 jobs.

SCL wants to site a new supermarket on the football ground site and use cash from the development to build a new ground on adjacent land, owned by the Isle of Wight Council.

Asda has made it clear however, it intends to stick to its own scheme.

A date for the special meeting has yet to be set but is expected to be held in March or April.

Reporter: martinn@iwcpmail.co.uk


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by carl palmer

4th March 2014, at 14:09:18

And if the island had a bridge tomorrow the investors, like centre parks would follow as it would show A:that the island is serious about its future and B: that the paying customers could get to them.

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by carl palmer

4th March 2014, at 14:06:26

One final point as the ferry was mentioned, the prices of these are becoming prohibitive, as I pointed out before a trip to France was available for a car & 9 for £29 return including 6 bottles of wine, period returns are freely available for £39 yet a day return to Portsmouth using disabled discount as an island resident was £50. This is on the same ferry company that was stupid enough to allow its vessel to be used in an advert that depicts a man throwing up over the side with sea sickness and a robot rolling back and forth along the car deck, insinuating the boat rocks....very enticing! It’s time the islanders stop just thinking about their point of view as to what people want if they want to attract tourists back & get real about the way the world has changed. Cornwall, Wales, lake district, Pennines, Cotswolds to name but a few have maintained their heritage but still welcome outsiders, and they all have a road that people can just drive along to get to the

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by carl palmer

4th March 2014, at 13:57:13

And by the way folks, I use the term “sandwich filling” to invoke a reaction. Too many people on the island say how much they love it but don’t want to bring it back to life. From my personal point of view it would make no difference, I work from home in an internet based industry that doesn’t involve buying or selling anything so transport is of no consequence, no kids to entertain, not moving house so prices are of no interest and I have access to a free private mooring for my sailing. The point is that without investment in what tomorrows people will want the island will die, and peter there is no “variety of attractions” that the teens of today want, they have more attraction in their mobile device then the likes of robin hill, and in a few years time they will be deciding where they go with their children, children who will be growing up in an even more technologically stimulated world. Ask Sandown zoo how its figures are doing compared with 5 years ago

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by carl palmer

4th March 2014, at 13:48:12

>peter you are clearly confused about what is popular & by my point. In the first instance, ask any of the people on the island, preferably ones that want to give an honest opinion, and the figures show declining tourist numbers. Given that the population of the country has not declined there is only one conclusion. Numbers at places like centre parks (no scary rides there) are increasing as people are spending their holiday money more wisely, why spend over £100 of it just to get to an out dated, tired resort ruled by backward looking people who thing black gang chine is still an attraction. Secondly you give the impression that you think these are things I want, completely wrong as I am a minutes’ walk from the beach, have grown up children who do their own thing & have no need for entertainment of any kind, my view is that it’s what the mainland population want that needs to be addressed, and as i say that point is made by dwindling numbers and derelict buildings

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by Keven Ball

1st March 2014, at 11:51:12

*very odd mentality!

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by Keven Ball

1st March 2014, at 11:15:11

Peter - "You say you love the IOW.
That includes the 'lifestyle' created by the local people".

The people seem to moan all the time from what I have read on here and seem very negative and unhappy. How is that a good "lifestyle" and yes it has been created by the local people... People do not want change and are happy with eyesores or are they? They odd mentality on the island these days!

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by Peter Jeffery

28th February 2014, at 20:16:44


No confusion about what is popular.

If you want a theme park with scary rides, you know where to go.
If you want hot hot resorts you know where to go.
If you want the best sunshine figures without leaving the UK - IOW
If you want a destination with a variety of attractions - IOW
If you want to choose what to do each day in the UK, whether it is sunny or raining - IOW
If you want some extra fun for kids ( not commuters ) - IOW ferry

You say you love the IOW.

That includes the 'lifestyle' created by the local people.

So, just a tip in my opinion, stop using the term 'sandwich fillings' meaning 'inbred' which is both ignorant and in my opinion diminishes your otherwise well argued comments.

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by Keven Ball

28th February 2014, at 20:04:59

If only they could answer?

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by carl palmer

28th February 2014, at 14:45:22

>peter Jeffery There is some confusion over what is “popular” downton abbey etc. are popular with whom? Not the generation that is on its way up now, and they are the ones we need to plan for. The “sudo” popular (retro) is only popular in the confines of a modern environment, vinyl records aren’t popular but the older music is…in a modern format. Camping’s popular, in a modern format known as glamping but the teen agers of today aren’t interested, if you want popular look at face book, twitter or amazon, they reflect this generation of want it now. And Blackgang, Robin Hill, Alum Bay are places that only exist because parents drag the kids there, when the kids are old enough they wont be going there, and france, spain etc have beaches

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by Keven Ball

27th February 2014, at 21:39:07

Steve - let us say the island had a bridge tomorrow. What exactly are people coming over to the island for? There is nothing here for them? Therefore, invest!!!

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