Subway to open in Newport

By Ross Findon

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Subway to open in Newport

The former Isle of Wight Youth Trust Sporting Chance premises is to become a Subway. The youth trust is to relocate the charity sports shop.


FASTFOOD sandwich chain Subway is to open a branch in Newport, creating new jobs.

The new store is due to open soon in Town Lane, near to Pizza Express.

The premises was formerly occupied by the Isle of Wight Youth Trust’s Sporting Chance charity sports shop, which plans to relocate soon, according to trust director Eileen Monks.

The new Subway is expected to open by the beginning of May, creating around *12 to 15 permanent and part-time jobs.

Donations can still be made to Sporting Chance by contacting the Isle of Wight Youth Trust on 01983 525965.



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by T Rollingsworth

28th March 2013, at 13:02:02

Oh Noez, Change? Islanders won't like that. Herp derp. Build a bridge, her derp, ferries, herp derp,not in my back yard

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by Stephen Elliott

28th March 2013, at 07:25:22

I love subway.

All you NIMBY's wouldn't be moaning if it was yet another snobby restaurant. Get over yourselves.

"Out of a population of 150,000 people do you think would frequent a shop or deli"....meh meh be quiet!

Does all this tie in with a fixed link? "Men grab your pitch forks and lanterns, lets hunt us some Crockles"!!!!

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by Graeme Egerton

28th March 2013, at 07:23:58

I don't ever remember having to pay to park at various leisure complexes, even in London, so it is rather annoying to have to do it here. Which is partly why I always use the Commodore despite living in Newport. Free on street parking and cheaper tickets and sweeties, but I've gone off topic there and someone will probably tell me off now :)

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by Peter Lewis

27th March 2013, at 19:55:20

It's a private car park anyway so the so called "fines" are really speculative invoices anyway. Pay if you want... However, it does not help Newport to have to navigate a maze of parking charges, limits and the like. The reason many of the "merry hill" type shopping malls do so well is because they don't confuse people or put silly limits on the parking times. Well not till everyone else goes out of business that is.

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by Mike Hailston

27th March 2013, at 17:32:49

Jim, Out of a population of 150,000 how many do you think will frequent a shop or deli enough times to make it commercially viable? The reason these types of retailers go under is because people associate them with prices that they do not see as value. That why the supermarkets get so many customers buying everything in the store. It may look all nice in the high st. but it needs to work all year round and get the patronage of locals to work. People have forgotten that value doesn't mean cheap. As someone who worked on the mainland for the beast that is Tesco, I can say that they respond to what the customer wants very quickly. When you saw Lidl and Aldi stores you quickly saw none brand euro goods on the shelves in the store within a week. Small retailers can't compete on costs and people never use their own money to support someone else's business even if it does make the high st. look better.

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by Graeme Egerton

27th March 2013, at 15:02:50

I'm not entirely sure if that car park is intended for Maplins and Staples only......? It used to be the case, as I once found out!

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by Helen Bailey

27th March 2013, at 12:14:26

I just think it's funny that something promoting sports is being replaced by a fast food outlet. Yes, I realise the charity shop plans to change location - but there's still a sad irony.

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by Jim Buchanan

27th March 2013, at 11:27:12

Great, another chain coming to town... just what we don't need.
Vibrant towns are ones that are full of an eclectic mix of individual shops which are different to every other high street in the land.
Why travel to Newport for shopping when you can get the same things in the same shops everywhere else?
Bring in small, independent retailers, deli's and boutiques. This will bring new shoppers and their money, which will in turn bring in more affluence, which creates more uptake of empty units by other shopkeepers, which in turn brings more turnover and more jobs... see where this is going?
Ditch the dross and offer incentives to bring in new and exciting shops, not same old, same old, boring chains, which have shareholders and large debts and go bust nationally.
Take kebab houses, charity shops and £1 shops off the main streets as these all bring a shopping centre down and relocate these to outer roads.
Make Newport a destination& more money will come which will benefit

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by Peter Lewis

27th March 2013, at 11:01:13

It's been said but at least Subway is one of the better take aways. Unfortunately Newport is probably going the way of many small towns who have parking issues. How can you have a cinema car park with a maximum wait time of less than the average film? Beggars belief. If it were three hours then people could watch a film, eat a "pizza" and still have time to pop in to Maplins . As it is they will have barely time to do the first two.

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by Mike Crowe

27th March 2013, at 07:51:32

I did of course mean a Wilkinsons, Greggs or a 99p, not a betting shop etc

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