Superfast broadband welcomed on Island

By Martin Neville

Saturday, November 3, 2012


SUPERFAST broadband is now available to thousands of Isle of Wight households.

Hot on the heels of the launch of 50Mb broadband in September, Cowes-based WightFibre has launched 100Mb broadband with immediate availability to 16,000 households around the Newport, Cowes and Ryde areas.

The company, which was the first to offer fibre optic broadband on the Island, said superfast broadband was the next step in its ongoing upgrade programme, which will also see the launch of a new high-definition TV service next month.

At home, a family can be simultaneously downloading a movie, watching on-demand TV, surfing the internet and playing games online.

The company said a whole album could be downloaded in less than 30 seconds and a feature-length HD movie in less than eight minutes.

John Irvine, chief executive of WightFibre, said: "We have worked hard to launch this even faster service aimed at the most demanding of our customers and we don’t think the new service will disappoint."

Cllr David Pugh, leader of the Isle of Wight Council, welcomed the announcement.

He said: "It is great to see an Island company taking the lead on the deployment of super high-speed broadband. This is good news for both consumers and businesses.

"For businesses, this helps make the Island an attractive place for start-ups and new investment."

Mr Irvine added: "Speeds of 200Mb will be available in 2013 and, with fibre optic cable available to the premises, businesses can enjoy practically unlimited broadband speeds."



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by James McAdder

6th November 2012, at 13:02:12

@David Web
I moved to Wight Cable's WiMax service from BT's ADSL. The difference was immediate. True 8MBps 24/7 compared to BT's 4MBps apart from the evening when speeds would drop to around 100KBps.

@Stephen Elliot
At £36 a month with a 500MB cap, it doesn't matter how fast it is, at those prices 4G is a big fat FAIL.

@John Irvine
WightFibre certainly are better than BT when it comes to customer service. You actually get to talk to real technicians to solve your problem, not some muppet in a foreign call centre who won't deviate from his check-list/flowchart.

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by T Rollingsworth

5th November 2012, at 13:19:52

@Alan - I can confirm that I have never had an issue with "sharing" on WF. When I was with Virgin in portsmouth and BT on IoW I always had lag spikes around 6-11pm - often getting 4 out of my 12mb. (My record for highest ping on virgin was a whopping 700ms!)

Touch wood, I haven't had a problem with WF yet. I rarely get below 48mb down and 4.5 up and unlike virgin they genuinely are "unlimited" - Virgin once tried to charge me for using 450GB in a month despite claiming it was unlimited.
(I actually hit around 600gb last month on WF and nobody batted an eyelid!)
(plus a 12ms ping to London is good for my game server!)

I wouldn't have recommended WC to anybody before as their prices were really high for an average service, but with the re-branding I am genuinely impressed. Now to wait for 200mb and buy extra hard drives....

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by John Irvine

5th November 2012, at 09:44:35

To the naysayers: WightFibre is a local company based in Cowes with our very own fibre optic network plus high speed wireless networkacross the island. We employ more people on the island than BT do and endeavour to provide speeds in excess of those broadly available on the mainland, coupled with a level of local customer service that can only come from being island based. Every other rural area in the UK- and even some city centres - would be envious of the superfast broadband infrastructure we have here.

WightFibre aren't perfect - we don't claim to be - but we're probably much better than BT when it comes to caring about our customers on the island.

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by Stephen Elliott

4th November 2012, at 23:14:17

Lol broadband needs to catch on fast. As soon as 4G truely kicks in you will find that fibre optic broadband will need to get faster n faster to stay ahead.

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by Dave Dawson

4th November 2012, at 12:14:21

Why is it necessary for Councillor Pugh to comment? Why does the County Press give him a platform to spout ill-informed rubbish just to get into the press?

For Pugh to make a comment like this "For businesses, this helps make the Island an attractive place for start-ups and new investment." proves the man is a fool. Business will not be attracted here (this is not the only place in the UK that has these speeds) for the simple reason that their businesses face an uncertain future because of the stranglehold the Ferry Companies have over all Island Companies, looking beyond the Island. Added to that is the appalling record of education that exists on the Island which, I might add, has been presided over by Pugh, Beynon and Newton

Grow up Pugh, or should I say BLAIR ????

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by Alan Bennett

3rd November 2012, at 20:03:56

100 Meg BB always sounds good, but it is no good you having 100 Meg, if the website you are accessing has 5 Meg, you always get the slowest result! And what about the contention ratio? BB suppliers never mention this to you when quoting fantastic speeds. There will always be other sharing your 100 Meg, usually in a ratio of 20 or even 50 to one.

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by David Web

3rd November 2012, at 20:00:43

A rehash of the old Wightcable company, and we all remember how bad that service was don't we?

it will be interesting to see how this service does but personally I don't hold out too much hope as I think they will have not learned lessons from their past incarnation as that service although looked good on paper failed to deliver in terms of reliability and customer service, Hope i'm wrong

PS for Pugh to endorse it I wonder if he actually uses it or is it another PR stunt to make him look like he cares

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