Surprise Ofsted visit for Isle of Wight school

By a County Press reporter

Friday, February 7, 2014


AN Isle of Wight school has become one of the first in the country to undergo a new type of monitoring visit by watchdog Ofsted, yesterday (Thursday).

Medina College headteacher Nathan Thomas said: "As with all Ofsted inspections, I am not able to comment on any outcomes of the visit until I have received the final written letter from Ofsted.

"This really was an unannounced observation, the inspector called the school ten minutes before he arrived. Having been through the process I felt it was positive and will support Medina as we move quickly towards the 'good’ judgement staff, parents and students desire and deserve."

Medina was given a full inspection last March, when it was found to require improvement.

Ofsted said the inspection was not triggered by any concerns and Medina amongst the first of this type of inspection in the country. 


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by Keven Ball

10th February 2014, at 22:09:11

Peter you clearly have an issue with my posts/comments, why? This is about the Ofsted visit, that is surprisingly why the word Ofsted appears quite frequently. As said, I feel it is a very good idea for Ofsted to go into any school without telling/informing the school to get a more truer picture of the day-to-day teachings etc. If you agree or not that is my thoughts and opinions over this topic, do you have any of your own to add?

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by Peter Jeffery

10th February 2014, at 20:01:09


Keep going old son, you are proving the point by each post !

ofsted, ofsted, ofsted ( Again, sorry, but criticism of KB seems doomed)
but he can post " Do any of you work by the way " Moderator - that's ok then ? You deleted Lee majors this morning re cycling, Why ?

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by Keven Ball

10th February 2014, at 17:52:38

*That why

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by Keven Ball

10th February 2014, at 17:52:08

What is with all the negative and moaning on here? A debate is to put forward ideas and thoughts. As said, we have all done that. In this case we agree to disagree, no big deal? Why are you so unhappy and what is the big deal? Do any of you work by the way, is that way? For me Ofsted has their way of doing inspections, you feel differently, that is your opinion, again, no big deal...

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by Peter Jeffery

10th February 2014, at 16:40:13

I completely agree, and he says he was a teacher !

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by Keven Ball

9th February 2014, at 22:49:36

You are entitled to your thoughts and opinions... although I feel you do not fully understand what is entailed in an Ofsted inspection. Not much more I can add here...

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by Peter Jeffery

9th February 2014, at 20:10:44


I'm sure you have all our sympathy for trying to explain the basics.

Option 1

Inspect and find all is ok - extra work - NONE

Option 2

Inspect and find 20 faults - Detail those faults in written reports - and arrange repeat inspections until all 20 faults are resolved, which could take as many as 20 re-inspections, and 20 re-reports

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by Keven Ball

9th February 2014, at 17:16:04

You have not explained the case at all. The paper work is standard no matter what happens - I fully disagree with you. It does not matter what Ofsted report they have to do follow up visits and write reports on an outstanding or poor school - what part of that do you not get?

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by Don Mackintosh

9th February 2014, at 12:28:23

Well Kev, we seem to be going round in circles here, surely less faults= less recommendations=less revisits=less work or paperwork! Blimey how hard is that to understand! Case closed

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by alan naylor

8th February 2014, at 14:14:54

Dear Mr Lovell The County Press gives you and others like you the chance to voice your opinionin a puplic way for the good of the islands future and all you can post is a rude and sarcastic comment in your boredom of being marooned on the island this is a common disease and a big part of the island problem try to remain focast an comtribute

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