Tomato Stall boost for Isle of Wight Foodbank

By a County Press reporter

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Tomato Stall boost for Isle of Wight Foodbank

Isle of Wight Foodbank Warehouse manager Zoe Hawkes, administration assistant Rebekah Gibson, volunteers Jackie and Paula Carrington, Joni Rhodes from the Tomato Stall, volunteer Diane Milmore.

LUXURY stock from an Isle of Wight company has been donated to boost the Foodbank’s efforts to help those in need.

The Arreton-based Tomato Stall has donated surplus stock that has been discontinued due to changes in packaging or updated recipes.

Hannah King, manager of the Somerton-based Isle of Wight Foodbank, said: "We are delighted to be able to offer something extra to those coming to the Foodbank.

"The products are perfectly edible and have months left on their shelf life, so it makes perfect sense to see them put to good use."

A Tomato Stall spokesman said: "As a sustainable business, The Tomato Stall wanted to find a way to ensure this produce was not wasted and contacted the Foodbank to see if non-essential items would be considered.

"This week the Foodbank received a donation of 'luxury’ items from the Tomato Stall including Isle of Wight chilli ketchup and salsa."


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by Stephen Elliott

25th September 2013, at 17:55:23

Matthew that's actually quite funny. I'm teetotal an I don't own pets. I work and earn quite a bit and considered quite successful in my social circles.
For the pit bull, it doesn't matter what dog you own it's always the owners that turn them in I feral beasts.
P.s where is my contradictory remarks? Or have you found a big word and needed to use it to make you seem clever?

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by James McAdder

25th September 2013, at 08:18:47

Its like feeding time at the zoo on groundhog day.

An article about foodbank, and the usual suspects post their regular tirades.

Like turning up at the monkey house with a bucked of bananas. As soon as the monkeys see it, its "screech, screech screech".

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by Stephen Elliott

24th September 2013, at 23:03:34

No lone parents need support back in to work lol

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by Stephen Elliott

24th September 2013, at 21:30:41

DLA pays the way. ADHD gives you £90 extra a week.
Mark, those with severe disabilities deserve my money to make life better even only slightly. I'm talking about the people who bleed the system dry. I deal with people constantly in the benefits system so see things through my eyes.

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by Mike Crowe

24th September 2013, at 20:12:25

Mark, your posting in reply to Stephen, I personally was not talking about such people. I am well aware of these people and I see then rehearsing at Shanklin Theatre putting heart and sole into hat the are doing, some very poor in the 'communications locker'. I am talking of those who think life owes them a living and will take take take for as long as it is given. I expect someone going to a Food Bank to walk or catch the bus with a pass, not jam the goodies into a back pack and jump onto a thumping great motor bike. Push bike, as I started with, yes. That motor bike would have provided a goodly number of meals.

Sorry, there is too much of a hand out state here.

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by Mark Hitchman

24th September 2013, at 19:40:04

Stephen, come to work with me and I'll show you many many disabled people with profound learning disabilities, in some cases multiple disabilities such as cerebal palsy, wheelchair users, blindness. Then maybe you'll take back your stupid remarks

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by Stephen Elliott

24th September 2013, at 18:59:27

Why don't they put time and effort in to youth clubs that can feed the young and disadvanged???

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by Stephen Elliott

24th September 2013, at 18:58:18

Why buy food when the foodbank provides, better to spend the money you get on ****, booze and sky. Quoting Asda..."every little help" ching ching.

Joke. I will never give "the scroungers" (as Mike calls them) money/food.

Go get a job and provide you lazy gits and don't you dare talk to me about disabilities.
Again more and more people are registered disabled and to quote Tesco "gives you extra" lol

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by Mike Crowe

24th September 2013, at 18:22:36

I would add.

I bought my first house in 1960 and just down the road to me were a couple known as "The Scroungers". Never done a days work in their lives. Lived on handouts.

Get the story?

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by Mike Crowe

24th September 2013, at 18:20:03

Matthew, do you know about the comment Mandy Rice Davies said?

Or is it before your time.

'tis famous now and in your case, VERY appropriate to those still wet behind the ears.

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