Town council set to take on centre

By Ross Findon

Wednesday, February 12, 2014



THE former Isle of Wight Coastal Visitors' Centre looks set to be leased to Ventnor Town Council, which hopes to use it to boost the town’s economy.

Salisbury Gardens was at the centre of a row between Ventnor Town Council and the former Isle of Wight Council Conservative administration, which planned to sell the building on the open market.

Following their victory at last year’s election however, the Independents awarded special purchaser status to the town council, allowing it to pursue plans to use the centre as a hub for community facilities and business.

A proposal to grant the town council a 26 year lease for the building is to go before the property disposal and capital programme sub committee on Tuesday, February 11, where it has been recommended for approval.

The committee is also due to discuss which assets the council could sell in the coming financial year.

The list includes Brighstone Library, Niton Youth Club, its former depot in Ryde and former industrial land at Garden Estate, Ventnor.

Several former primary schools are also listed.

*A decision to lease Salisbury Gardens, including the Coastal Visitors' Centre and adjacent land, to Ventnor Town Council was approved by the Isle of Wight Council cabinet last night (Tuesday).

Concerns were raised the decision had not been given enough consideration however, and looks set to be called in by Cllr Geoff Lumley, chairman of overview and scrutiny.

For more on this story, please see the Isle of Wight County Press on Friday, February 14.

View the report and other papers below:

Isle of Wight Council Property Disposal and Capital Programme sub-committee



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by Keven Ball

15th February 2014, at 19:38:02

David Wight I completely agree with you over us all having different views and that does/can make for a good debating if done correctly. I feel the island has much work ahead of it. Not just Ventnor but the whole island! The main issue and worry is concerning the whole economy on the island.

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by Peter Jeffery

15th February 2014, at 10:31:22

David and Jack

That's exactly why I posted with an opinion, I don't see the problem.

This is a debating masterclass :-

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by david wright

14th February 2014, at 21:27:58

@ Peter
Why is it debating an issue seems to annoy some people? This is a comment forum and it would be quite boring if we all agreed wouldnt it?

Because someone doesnt agree with me I'm not going to roll over and say okay then!

If I have learnt anything in my lifetime it is you learn nothing from yes men and sycophants

Log-in to Report

by Jack Woodford

14th February 2014, at 20:23:04

Of course, dude. I was actually trying to be light-hearted with the historical reference and all....

Log-in to Report

by Peter Jeffery

14th February 2014, at 20:11:56


Chill dude, think you support the right to have an opinion, don't you fella ?

Log-in to Report

by Jack Woodford

14th February 2014, at 19:58:05

I'll take your word for it, Judge Jeffery, and will try and refine my debating style.
Or not.

Log-in to Report

by Peter Jeffery

14th February 2014, at 19:53:35

Jack and David W

I completely support your right to an opinion. However, one of you made the point that stating something over and over again does not make it true. All your posts are on this thread, just read through them and decide if you haven't thrashed this issue to within an inch of it's life ?

Log-in to Report

by Jack Woodford

14th February 2014, at 19:40:17

Amen to that Brother Wright.
But I must confess I'm actually warming to Cllr Stubbings. When the dude sticks to the argument and resists his petulant asides he's almost plausible. However, I remain firmly of the view this scheme is a white elephant about to trample over the poor precept payers of Ventnor. But that's their worry, I guess.

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by david wright

14th February 2014, at 18:56:37

@ Peter,
I thought in a democracy I had the right to voice my opinion without having to stand for office?

I do respect the councilors for replying to criticism when they could hide in the ivory towers so fair play BUT i feel entitled to voice my opinion and do not see why I should be criticised for doing that?

Perhaps if my opinion makes one of them pause for thought just for a moment when making a decision I wouldnt agree with then i feel my effort is worth it.

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by Mark Hitchman

14th February 2014, at 18:11:38

I doubt very much if any funder would allow capital to pay off a loan. Face it, Ventnor Town Council, and I don't live in Ventnor but wish I did to some extent as they seem to have the only proactive group looking after their area, have put their heads above the parapet, and are vocal and open.There are a number of other town and parish councils doing very similar things, but are doing it within a small meeting, maybe 5 people present and it goes ahead. Because VTC are so proactive, you know about it. I for one would much rather a public building being leased, giving time to look at options rather than the previous Cons getting rid of assets because they have no idea or clue to run local govt

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