Tree row means Vodafone problems continue

By Matthew McKew

Monday, January 20, 2014


Tree row means Vodafone problems continue

The phone mast on Cowlease Hill.

A MOBILE phone provider and landowner are at loggerheads over trees, which are blocking the signal for some Isle of Wight customers.

Vodafone customers have experienced five months of poor or no signal due to problems with a mast in Luccombe.

According to Vodafone the problems have been caused by a thicket of evergreen trees on land, next to the mast, which have become too tall.

A Vodafone spokesperson said: "The hold-up is caused by our requirement for permission to trim the nearby trees."

The mast, near Cowlease Hill, in Luccombe, has been in service since the Nineties. The trees are believed to have been planted in the 1930s.

Vodafone said discussions were continuing with the owner of the trees which, along with the mast, are reached from a track owned by the National Trust.

Vodafone said the landowner had suggested it take responsibility for maintaining the track.

The National Trust said it was willing to discuss rights of access and maintenance. The owner of the trees has refused to comment.

A second mast, owned by Arqiva, is next to the Vodafone mast and has no reported problems.

Vodafone customer, David Knight, of Landguard Road, Shanklin, has been among those affected.

Mr Knight, who recently had  a stroke and underwent a triple heart bypass and, said he was distressed because he could not keep in contact with his daughter.

He said: "They seem to be happy to take my money but you’ll be in the middle of a conversation and bop, no signal.

"I have tried contacting them but they just say they are aware of the problem and that seems to be the end of the story."

He added: "It has been very stressful but it’s not just me. I don’t know what holidaymakers think when they cannot get a signal."



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by Allan Tindall

22nd January 2014, at 08:19:42

Further to my last comment, Vodafone have now written off our bills for the last two months. May be of help to other Vodafone customers who are having problems.

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by Russell Palin

21st January 2014, at 18:33:39

I once had a friend who had a multimillion pound house with a very good sea view. There was a property in front of his house also in the millions range. Both owners got on I thought. Yet the man nearest the sea grew tall trees and blocked his view and would not get them cut back properly even at my friends expense. Why? I'll tell you why it is a power thing, "I am more powerful than you"
I could not believe the stress those trees caused my friend and the owner of the trees.
Sad but true, life is too short, cut the trees and be happy folks.....
I have had half a lifetime of trees and there troubles, most of which are human ego based, the trees themselves are great and I love them always will. People, I can take them or leave them.

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by Mike Crowe

21st January 2014, at 17:54:02

As the old saying goes Allan .... "He who pays the Piper ....."

Well done you.

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by Allan Tindall

21st January 2014, at 16:03:26

My wife and I both cancelled our Vodafone contracts losing them £50 a month, now with O2 through Tescos, £25 a month total for both and we get more for our bucks. If Vodafone cannot provide a service ... say bye bye.

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by Colin Barton

21st January 2014, at 11:40:11

change service providers!

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by Roger Grey

20th January 2014, at 14:56:24

Vodafone would need planning permission to increase the height of their mast, and there would probably be objections just as there have been in other areas to cellular masts..
The other mast, belonging to Arqiva, provides the Luccombe television relay. It would be interesting to know if the TV reception down there is suffering as that might provide a greater incentive to trim the trees!

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by T Rollingsworth

20th January 2014, at 14:05:36

Why don't voda just take their chainsaw out for a casual monday evening stroll.

On a more serious note, why don't they just move the mast - or up the power?

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by alan naylor

20th January 2014, at 13:48:35

Anyone can make a mast but only GOD can make a tree

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by Mat Thomas

20th January 2014, at 13:07:54

Vodaphone can stick their masts somewhere else, leave the trees alone.

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by Don Prescott

20th January 2014, at 12:00:09

I guess it is a matter of luck and where you live.
Loved the landline comment BTW. Very droll!

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