Turbine fight rumbles on

By Martin Neville

Friday, June 20, 2014


Turbine fight rumbles on

John Yelland.

THE company behind plans for two giant wind turbines on Ministry of Justice (MoJ) land at Parkhurst Forest stands to make up to £26 million from the scheme, it was claimed this week.

Island MP Andrew Turner said he had been advised by Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright that if the controversial plan went ahead, each turbine would have the potential to earn the developer, Partnerships for Renewables (PfR), up to £13m over 20 years.

The minister said this meant early termination of the lease was 'unlikely to come cheaply’.

Local resident Dr John Yelland said: "It’s quite a challenge to find where that huge sum of money would go, with PfR’s complex web of over 40 subsidiaries and holding companies, and with venture capitalist and foreign investment funds as major shareholders.

"We do know PfR’s average salary has been over £60,000 and the chief executive has been paid more than the Prime Minister; not bad for a company of 30 or so employees. We also know where most of the money comes from; it’s from us, all UK taxpayers and electricity consumers."

Mr Turner said Mr Wright had also confirmed PfR had apologised for using the MoJ logo in a newsletter in July last year, and they had been instructed not to use it.

This week the logo was finally removed from PfR’s website after the County Press contacted them for a comment.

A PfR spokesman said: "PfR has always been entirely open about the nature of its relationship with the MoJ and has never sought to misrepresent that relationship.

"We had inadvertently retained the MoJ and IW Prison logos on an old Camp Hill project web page. These have now been removed and we have apologised to the MoJ for the oversight."

He said the development represented a £6 million investment in renewable energy on the Island, with Vestas the intended turbine supplier.

Reporter: martinn@iwcpmail.co.uk


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by Yvonne Carter

21st June 2014, at 12:13:49

The reason the Councils and residents are objecting to the off shore application is again noise. Having hundreds of turbines out at sea creates a noise because it travels over water and attenuates. So when you have too much noise from onshore turbines for homes then having 200+ turbines only 10 miles or so away exasapates the noise problem for homes.

Solar panels make no noise so more environmentally friendly for people to live with. We have many solar farms on the island now and in fact the Isle of Wight has more than met it's renewable engergy target without more.

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by Barry Lewis

21st June 2014, at 11:38:33

What about the wind farms they want to build offa shore, a long long way from homes. Why are residents preventing that? There has to be renewable energy for the future generations, it's not all about the nimbys that are here now.

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by Yvonne Carter

20th June 2014, at 20:01:53

The main reason that residents don't want turbines on the island is the fact that there is nowhere on the island where you can put turbines far enough away from homes so the residents won't be affected by the noise and flicker. Also Parkhurst Forest is INTERNATIONALLY important for bats including rare species and turbines kill bats by barratrauma - this is where the fragile bats lungs lungs burst when they fly near the turbines. Turbine noise is a real problem and that is why in Scotland and Europe the minimum distance between a turbine and a home is 2000 metres. The nearest house in the Parkhurst application is 500 metres away. One previous turbine application on the island was dismissed by the Planning Inspectpr on noise grounds. and another was withdrawn by the developer because they could not meet the noise requirements.

If this had been an application to cover the field in solar panels I doubt anyone would have objected.

PfR's behaviour has been questionable all along the

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by Barry Lewis

20th June 2014, at 17:57:36

Why are IOW residents so against wind farms?

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by Yvonne Carter

20th June 2014, at 13:58:26

Over the life of the application PfR have claimed many falsehoods which can be disproved. The main one being that "PfR are working with the Ministry of Justice" and now we have confirmation from the Minister of Justice saying that is not true and PfR only today has been forced to remove the Ministry logo from their webpage. PfR also said that there would be a private wire to the prison - obviously that cannot happen as the prison is closed. The other main claim - added in to get votes - was that Vestas would supply the turbines (see last sentence in article) yet the actual planning application does NOT specify Vestas turbines! Copied here from application:

"5.3.1 The exact model of turbine to be used at the site will be the result of a future tendering process"

So here we are a mainland developer still trying to pull the wool over island residents' and Councillors' eyes to make £26 million.

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by Don Prescott

20th June 2014, at 12:02:30

A PfR "spokesman" said that they have "always been entirely open", yet continued to use the MoJ logos until they were caught.

Sadly for islanders, who have so valiantly fought off several wind farm applications, I fear that the new Liberal Democrat (Independent) dominated Planning Committee will want to overrule the likely Officer recommendation for refusal and give these carpetbaggers what they want to the detriment of residents of Northwood and more especially, Noke Common, who will have these eyesores right in their back/front gardens.

It is a pity that the application does not fall within Nettlestone and Seaview.
Had it done so it would have been rejected out of hand by the local ward Councillor and his chums on the Committee.

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by David Blackford

20th June 2014, at 08:54:21

You cannot blame the developers for getting their noses in the trough - Blame the Government who put the trough there - for noses to hoover up the lolly

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