Turbine plan scaled back

By a County Press reporter

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


CONTROVERSIAL plans for a huge offshore wind park off the south-west of the Isle of Wight have been scaled back.

As a direct result of talks with local communities and statutory consultees, developers behind Navitus Bay have today (Tuesday) announced a "significant reduction" to its proposal.

It said the changes, which include moving the development further out to sea and making it smaller in scale, will significantly reduce the visual impact of the project from key areas.

The distance of the nearest turbine to the Isle of Wight has increased from 13.5km to 13.9km, which will protect navigational safety for vessels entering the Solent.

Navitus Bay has narrowed the size of turbine options being considered, meaning that fewer would be built — from 333 to 218. This also means the largest turbine will now be smaller than previously proposed, with a maximum height of 200 metres rather than 210m.

The maximum overall capacity of the project has been reduced by eight per cent, from 1,200 MW to 1,100 MW, while the total area of seabed to be developed will be cut by 12 per cent from 198 square km to 185 sq km.

Mike Unsworth, project director, said: "We have moved the site significantly further from the coast, reducing the potential visual and navigational impact of the wind park.

"In addition, we have reduced the maximum number of turbines in the proposal and reduced the height of the tallest turbine.

"We feel these significant adjustments to the plans strike a good balance between responses we have had from consultees and the technical viability from an environmental, engineering, shipping and commercial perspective."

A series of public consultation events will take place in February next year.


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by John Yelland

15th December 2012, at 09:42:37


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by John Yelland

15th December 2012, at 08:58:15

Offshore wind has a significantly higher capacity factor than onshore wind has and is significantly less damaging to individuals (of our own species). I use the term significantly here in the OED sense (a lot), not in the Unsworth sense (hardly at all).

Wind turbines are less harmful and less useless offshore than onshore then, but they still deliver supply-driven electricity, almost unpredictably and with long periods of none at all, usually in the coldest winter weather.

Fortunately the Government are at last coming to their rather unscientific senses, hence their panic interest in nuclear and shale gas. They prefer to disguise U-turns by doing them slowly, but that is what's happening.

Do I sound like a climate change "denialist"? Well I'm not, and I believe we should be reducing CO2 emission, but we have to get the science right. A system of subsidies that enriches the already rich at the cost of the poor is not the answer. Green energy is good; greed energy is

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by neil jacks

12th December 2012, at 21:13:37

James, i hope you never have to suffer the value of your home being eroded by your so called progress. I hope you are not saddened by ugly scars on your vista. Maybe you do not care, thats up to you, but you will never put down those that do.

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by John Lovell

12th December 2012, at 13:06:28

Don't be silly James. Windmills are not progress. They constitute expensive idiotic regression.

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by James McAdder

12th December 2012, at 12:39:37

Oh, just build a nice nuclear plant on these nimbys' back gardens.

There is plenty wrong with being a nimby. The shouty minority shouldn't block progress.

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by neil jacks

12th December 2012, at 10:20:42

Well said Mike although there is nothing wrong with being a nimby. No one else is going to protect your back yard. Its an over used phrase any way. People are (or shoud be) simply fed up with being treated like fools and having their simple assets and values degraded by firms, govt schemes call it what you will. I for one will always actively protect my back yard and if we all did it, there would be no wind farm. sorry wind park.

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by Mike Crowe

12th December 2012, at 09:55:10

neil I was cruising in The Baltic in July and there are a couple of massive wind farms 'almost' side by side. 74 + in the first batch, a small gap which was a waste of time, then another of about the same size. We were trying to look at the shoreline, but no :-( They took up the complete view from left to right as we looked out to Starboard.

Hiddious. Such a waste of time, money and effort and as usual a huge blot on the landscape. And NO they are not in my back yard. No the one recommended on the Island is not in my back yard. No I will not see the one out off the Needles, so don't call me a NIMBY. My thoughts are for EVERYONE to admire the view.

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by neil jacks

12th December 2012, at 09:22:32

Wind park, is he now trying to sell this as a tourist attraction? significant reduction? Does he think everyone is stupid? the reduction in output figures clearly illustrate that this is NOT a significant reduction. The visual impact will remain the same, work that one out yourself Mr Unsworth. If anyone is in any doubt as to how ugly these things are, visit the Somme Valley or just look for some of the images that are available. There are better alternatives to wind "parks" many of which could have been employed here or elsewhere. Its a sad folks.

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by Stephen Elliott

11th December 2012, at 18:30:02

Wind power is a load of codswhollop.

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by Mike Crowe

11th December 2012, at 18:10:59

Mr Unsworth, who gave you the right to scar an area of outstanding beauty?

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