UKIP leader Nigel Farage celebrates South East victory

By Ross Findon

Monday, May 26, 2014


UKIP leader Nigel Farage was one of four members of his party to be elected as a Member of the European Parliament for the South East region last night (Sunday).

Although people on the Isle of Wight went to the polls on Thursday, the results of the count did not take place until last night (Sunday).

The Isle of Wight is part of the South East region, which is represented by ten MEPs. They will sit in the European Parliament, the legislative body of the European Union.

Following this result, UKIP now has the most representatives for the region, four, while the Conservatives have three. Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party each have one.


Total number of votes (by party):
EP results by party

MEPs elected:
Nigel Paul Farage (UKIP)
Janice Ann Atkinson (UKIP)
Diane Martine James (UKIP)
Ray Finch (UKIP)
Dan Hannan (Con)
Nirj Deva (Con)
Richard James Ashworth (Con)
Anneliese Jane Dodds (Labour)
Keith Richard Taylor (Green)
Catherine Zena Bearder (Lib Dem)


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by Alex Pick

28th May 2014, at 15:14:47

that good idea scott we should try this

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by Scott Angles

27th May 2014, at 17:18:08

Let's all cover ourselves in baby oil and fight it out. Loser gets Nigel Farage.

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by David Blackford

27th May 2014, at 14:26:24

Don't be a loser - join the winners

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by Alex Pick

27th May 2014, at 13:09:37

I support UKIP

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by John Lovell

27th May 2014, at 11:11:32

Dave James, the simple answer to your question is that the Press and Television media do not give him the opportunity to tell you his intentions regarding the subjects you mention. Perhaps after the recent election results he will be afforded that opportunity. I am sure he would leap at the chance.
However you will find the answer to your questions on the UKIP website. They are stated there pretty clearly.
Have a look if you really want to know, but reading your post tells me you haven't bothered to do so thus far, and therefore are not really interested in the answer to your questions.

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by David Blackford

27th May 2014, at 10:48:08

NEXT YEAR - Let's put the Isle of Wight well and truly on the map.
Let us elect a UKIP member of Parliament - It would be the best thing that's happened for our Island since Queen Victoria set up house here

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by Mike Powell

27th May 2014, at 09:11:48

This was a vote on Europe more like a referendum, nothing to do with UK voting of any government.

If it was a vote tomorrow the same people who voted for UKIP would probably return back to the two mainstream parties more, I wont count Lib Dems in that, at present they are a spent force.

And only Conservatives have guaranteed an in out after the next election, knowing the other to have committed themselves to Europe.

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by Dave James

27th May 2014, at 07:56:02

Can anybody tell me what UKIP intend doing with the NHS, Education, Transport, Benefits, Local Government and the Pension system etc? All we hear about is leaving Europe but very, very little, if nothing on any other policies!!.
They seem to be a one policy, one man political party that would destroy the country if they were ever to be in government and it's about time all those that voted for them opened their eyes and saw them for what they are, a party that wouldn't have the slightest clue what to do if they were ever in government.

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by Scott Angles

26th May 2014, at 21:55:57

Hi Ben. I don't necessarily agree with you either but it's good to have a spread of opinion. I morally wouldn't vote for UKIP, and their smaller, less-mentioned policies I feel may cost the country more than a higher tax-rate would. A massive sign saying 'out!' isn't how it would be done, I don't think, much as a UKIP voter may think/hope this was the case.

I'm glad the Tories didn't win, but I'm not happy UKIP have had this sort of success. Thankfully the BNP were all but wiped out, and English Dems/Britain First gained no ground.

Hi Mike. Remember when I said about the incentives for the good schemes surrounding the economy. Those eyes of yours: use them, boy! And yes, let's help the illegals. Let's not mis-treat people for being somewhere they shouldn't be. That's how fascism, at it's roots, start.

Isn't Peppa Pig shown on Channel 5? Not sure you've put any thought into those otherwise A-grade zings. Are you here all week? Should I be trying the fish?

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by Ben Ridley

26th May 2014, at 21:23:12

Hi Scott

The increase in tax would be the one thing I disagree with you on, I'm in a reasonably we'll paid job with a family and I'm struggling, this is a big reason why I wouldn't be voting UKIP as I believe they would looking to do the same. I agree with your immigration views but they would be very expensive to implement, where as UKIPs would be relatively cheap. I'm no expert but this debate is very important for everyone and in ref to your comment on the amount of documents, people and research needed to get this done is correct, unfortunately all that seems to be happening is that its more important to be trying to find blame than dealing with the problem, I personally struggle to find any party with whom I would be happy to vote for %100.

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