UKIP plans for cottage hospital return

By a County Press reporter

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


UKIP plans for cottage hospital return

UKIP candidate Iain McKie. Picture by Laura Holme.

COTTAGE hospitals could return to the Isle of Wight if UKIP candidate Iain McKie is elected at the general election next year.

Mr McKie pledged to plan for their establishment, having consulted with healthcare professionals at St Mary’s Hospital and the mainland.

He said: "There used to be eleven hospitals on the Island, now there is only one.

"In some cases, patients are being released early after operations, and many are not fully capable of looking after themselves following procedures.

"For the 17 per cent of Island pensioners who live on their own, this is a worry. Very often they are being returned to St Mary’s via A and E when they have gone home only to find that they are not well enough to care for themselves, or have someone who can help.

"This is blocking the admissions into A and E. Also, from a compassionate way of thinking, convalescence in Newport is not always the most appropriate for Islanders. Many have relatives and carers who cannot drive, and getting to St Mary’s can be difficult.

"Therefore, from a logistical and a caring perspective it makes perfect sense to me that we call for the establishment of smaller hospitals across the Island."

He told the County Press: "Of course there are going to be efficiency savings that can be made within the NHS, which could help to pay for this.

"There are certainly things within the public sector that I would deem unecessary.

"A lot of people would benefit from being somewhere more local, rather than at St Mary's."


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by alan naylor

22nd June 2014, at 18:29:06

All comments below sound slike a agony aunts column from people with nothing better to do or say d ont tell me telly s bad and its raining again

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by roger mazillius

20th June 2014, at 10:08:25

Thanks Pat. Rude to some, combative to others. You pays your money.....
I have to say however that having read social media political abuse over several years, Don is rather saintly compared to many!

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by Pat Adams

20th June 2014, at 08:39:52

Mr Mazillius, you may use the term "combative", to describe Mr Prescott. The majority of decent folk would describe him as plain rude.

Mr McKie. It may have escaped your notice, but we are not Tewkesbury, Epsom or South Bristol. We are a small island.

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by Iain McKie

19th June 2014, at 19:35:22

Tewksbury has a new cottage hospital
As does Epsom and Ewell
And South Bristol
And Bonnyrigg
Malvern has one
And so on.

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by roger mazillius

19th June 2014, at 18:05:27

Thanks Don. Please post elsewhere (you know where) that I am a liberal with a small "l" and I expect they will suggest it is time for the men in white coats! (Not that I am hugely disagreeing with you!
Did not know the background of Juncker but would be VERY disappointed if in that case he really did get the post. So I will wait and see.
Good to read you are as combative as ever!

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by Don Prescott

19th June 2014, at 11:27:03


Well compared to some, you were "liberal" with a small "l".

UKIP policy on the corrupt, unaudited, EU is well documented and

It is interesting that Merkel is once again castrating your beloved leader, Call Me Dave over the Juncker appointment, which illustrates all that is wrong, not only with the EU, but the impotency of Cameron within the EU.
Juncker, who had to resign as PM of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg because he oversaw the activities of SREL, Luxembourgs secret service, who were tapping peoples phones amongst other dubious activities.
Now THAT is Fascism!

Alex Bodry leader of the Socialists forced an election and Juncker was slung out.
Yet this disgusting little man is being touted for President of the EC by Merkel and Cameron can do nothing.
As for the hospitals, this policy could bring Frank James back into use.
I would have thought that MORE care would have appealed to most people.
Apparently not!

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by Ben Ridley

19th June 2014, at 11:13:19

Why is it that people will use the words fascist, racist, to stop debate, also this is a discussion about a way in which the NHS could be improved, not an invitation for character assassinations.

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by Iain McKie

19th June 2014, at 10:47:20

"The NHS needs to abandon a fixation with “mass centralisation” and instead invest in community services to care for the elderly." Those are not my words, but those of Simon Stevens CEO of NHS England

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by lulu arnold

19th June 2014, at 09:22:01

ukip are creeping up and if people don't like it too bad , you will never please everyone ,I reckon the country is in a right mess , granted not as bad as some countries yet ,I still support the Green Party and 20 years ago everyone laughed at them calling them all manner of names ,Caroline Lucas has proved people were wrong , has strong Island connections too I wish she was our M.P ukip will do the same in due course ,but their policies are quite different .

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by Baz Taylor

18th June 2014, at 19:33:45

To all the cleverclogs who noticed my deliberate mistake earlier, I don't know where I got the figure of 4 million (or was it 7 million?) population. I really don't care a hoot. As for Harry Dover, be carfule who you are calling a loony. I take that as a personal insult and will be reporting your comments to the CP.

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