UKIP tops the poll

By Martin Neville

Friday, May 16, 2014


UKIP tops the poll

The chart shows Islanders’ voting intentions.


WITH the 2014 Euro elections less than a week away, a County Press snap poll has suggested UKIP is winning big support on the Island.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage predicted "an earthquake" in politics at his campaign launch and his forecast could ring true if the results of the CP online poll are any indication.

The party, which wants the UK to leave the EU, polled 404 votes — more than all the other parties combined and well over half the total vote, at 58.2 per cent.

Of the 810 people who responded to the online poll, which closed on Thursday morning, 677 said they would be heading out to vote next Thursday, while 43 were still undecided.

The CP asked two questions — did people intend to voice and which party would they be voting for.

The Green Party came second to UKIP with 88 votes, while the Conservatives were third with 77.

Labour polled 58 votes, the Liberal Democrats 33, the British National Party 15 and An Independence From Europe secured nine votes.

Two votes each were cast for the Christian People’s Alliance, English Democrats and the Socialist Party of Great Britain, with a single vote for Liberty GB, Peace Party, Roman Party and YOURvoice.

The Harmony Party were the only party in our poll not to receive a vote.

Editor's footnote: Thanks for your comments regarding the voting mechanism. Multiple votes from the same IP address were possible but were dis-counted in the final count. And it was possible to vote from off-Island but that does not mean a person was not entitled to vote on the Isle of Wight.



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by stuart read

21st May 2014, at 07:38:04

Don Prescot's trite phrases and platitudes manifest the traits of the archetypal Europhobe in wanting to ascribe all of our problems to membership of the European Union. Europe has been wrought by centuries of division and discord: the European Union has laid the foundations for community and co-operation and if we fail to grasp that opportunity we will have let down generations of Europeans to come.

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by Don Prescott

21st May 2014, at 06:23:35

"The EU has brought confidence and stability to countries in eastern Europe and higher living standards to its poorer members." At the expense of who?
You Europhiles have no grasp of reality, do you?
All across Europe, people have had enough of the failed policies of this corrupt club.
Higher living standards?
Tell that to the kids in Spain and Greece, where 50% plus are unemployed.
France - Le Pen far right - leading, or close second in the polls.
Austria - Strache far right - Ditto
Holland - Wilders Ditto
UK - Farage leading by some way
Italy - Grillo leading/second
Greece - Tsipras (total opposite to Le Pen) - leading and will win
Even in Germany Die Linke (far left) is chasing Merkels lot.

The "b nutters" are not UKIP, but those who wish to retain the LibLabCon EU loving status quo!

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by stuart read

20th May 2014, at 16:00:45

It would be very disappointing if the result of this poll truly reflects attitudes to the European Union on the Island. The EU has brought confidence and stability to countries in eastern Europe and higher living standards to its poorer members. It needs to be reformed and to be made more democratic and accountable, but the benefits of membership far outweigh the costs. Britain should be part of the European vision, not seeking to distance and isolate itself from mainstream Europe.

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by James McAdder

19th May 2014, at 16:36:44

But, John Hanson, they are also saying that anyone who disagrees with them should be hanged or have the Police set on them.

Forget the anti EU policy. Look beneath that. Is it worth selling your freedom of speech for independence from Brussels?

UKIP have made it clear by the actions of many of their members that you either subscribe to their vision of Britain, or you will suffer the consequences.

Think Britain could never become a Police State. Think again!

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by john hanson

19th May 2014, at 15:51:39

They are only saying what most people in the country think but are to frightened to say and that goes for cameron and his crionies

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by James McAdder

19th May 2014, at 15:37:08

The likes of Janice Atkinson and Gordon Ferguson are the kind of people who don't like others disagreeing with them and think they are always right.

Typical for politicians, then.

The difference with these two, and other UKIPers is that they would very much like to back up their wish to stifle opposition with action.

I fear for our democracy if the likes of these two ever get any real power. You will say goodbye to your right to peaceful protest, for sure. One has made it clear that he thinks the noose is the answer for any who disagree with him.

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by James McAdder

19th May 2014, at 15:19:50

If you want to vote for a pro-EU party. This UKIPer thinks you should be hanged:-

Skilled campaigner (not):

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by Scott Robinson

19th May 2014, at 14:04:34

I think the genuine alternative is actually the Greens, though they need a decent rebranding. The environment is not their only policy.

I agree with the 'none of the above' vote though. Turn up and physically show your unhappiness. Don't throw power to those who base their policies on lies, populism and scaremongering.

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by Mat Thomas

19th May 2014, at 13:54:49

UKIP have not come up with effectual policies and arguments for withdrawal from the EU. Their standpoints are basically based upon chauvenism and play on the feelings about the failure of the Europe of monopolies.

The problem is that the working class standpoint remains marginalised as there are no parties taking up the workers' standpoint in this election, hence the UKIP vote becomes a protest vote.

It is better to protest by stating; "none of the above" on the ballot paper until such time as the genuine alternative is constituted and presented to the electorate.

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by David Blackford

19th May 2014, at 13:44:33

Watch it Harry 0 Nigel will smack your bum - sorry webmaster, b*m

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