Vodafone apologises to Island customers

By David Newble

Thursday, February 28, 2013


MOBILE phone company, Vodafone, has apologised to Isle of Wight customers who have been left without a signal for days.

The company said faults had developed on two of its transmission masts on the Isle of Wight and engineers were working as fast as possible to repair them.

A spokeswoman said: "Vodafone is aware of problems on the Isle of Wight with the signal. We are working on this and hope to restore the signal as soon as possible.

"We have experienced problems doing the repairs because one of the masts is on top of a cliff and is fairly difficult to access and we have to take extra precautions.

"We are very sorry and are working to get the problem resolved quickly."

Reporter: davidn@iwcpmail.co.uk


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by Maurice Gilliam

2nd March 2013, at 16:36:40

at around 1630 today Saturday the phones are active again at long last. and have been in touch with them and they have refunded the daily contract rate back to me, at least that is something.

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by Maurice Gilliam

2nd March 2013, at 09:26:17

Day 5 some good news I managed to find a signal in central Newport yesterday evening,BUT only by standing directly outside of the Vodafone shop,as I know that they have a signal booster there,so form an orderly queue,you may be lucky

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by Matt Burfield

1st March 2013, at 13:12:33

David, what a stupid comment.

Imagine if you were driving home in the early hours of the morning and had a serious accident in the middle of nowhere and then someone turned up without a mobile phone. How would thy contact the emergency services? Wait for another car to turn up and send them to find someone?

We are reliant on them for a reason, yes some people rely on them too much, but there are older much more vulnerable people out there who need them to feel safer, not to mention sons/daughters of elderly relatives who feel better knowing they can be contacted if anything goes wrong.

Think about this sort of thing before you comment, it's not all about 'kids' using them to text mates, it's about safety and security of friends and loved ones and the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, chances are you'll be able to call for help and probably save someones life.

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by John Chaundy

1st March 2013, at 09:16:46

I had problems for months in Ryde and the mast was 50 foot away. I took screenshots of the homepage of my mobile which obviously had NO SERVICE bar, time and date. I pasted the images into word and sent the letters.

I left 3 months early before my contract ended without any payment and also got the money off my bills for time i had the problems.

I now have a GIFFGAFF pay as you go for the first in my life and it absolutely brilliant. 100% signal, cheaper and no hassle.

I suggest you all do the same....

I reckon it's to do with the introduction of 4G

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by Ashley Harcourt

1st March 2013, at 07:30:33

Presumably this problem only relates to Vodafones 2G signal? Loss of 3G wouldn't be noticed for days as on Voda that's virtually non-existent anyway unless you're within 10ft of one of their dozen or so masts in the country. We were with them for 8yrs but when we progressed (?) to a smartphone we found we couldn't get usable 3G anywhere much, least of all the IoW.

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by Simon Haytack

1st March 2013, at 00:01:16

However quickly they get this sorted, I'll still be switching from Vodafone when my contract runs out in April. There coverage and internet speeds are a joke compared to other networks.

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by david wright

28th February 2013, at 22:31:54

We have all been conned! Life was fine before mobile phones but now they are indispensable? I say take a breath and leave the mobile at home and see that life does still go on!Apart from all the phoneboxes are gone of course!

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by Gary O'Neill

28th February 2013, at 20:56:58

I don't know how much business I've lost over the past week because of this. I shall also be asking for compo.... Bah!

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by glynnis clark

28th February 2013, at 19:37:39

totally agree with Lee majors i left Vodafone because of all these problems now my partner has been having the same problems he was on the land line for ages even told to replace his sim card last time the mask was down .perhaps if everyone ask to leave perhaps this will be taken more seriously

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by Maurice Gilliam

28th February 2013, at 19:20:24

as I am on a contract will I get a refund for the time I have not been able to use my Phone ? when I am able to call I will be asking for one anyway!

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