Voters at the polls to choose police commissioner

By Emily Pearce

Thursday, November 15, 2012


VOTING has been taking place across the Isle of Wight today (Thursday) to elect the new police and crime commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Polling stations close at 10pm and the count will take place from 9am tomorrow (Friday), at Medina Leisure Centre. The turnout, which nationally is expected to be low, should be announced by midday and the results of the first phase of the count are expected by 2pm.

If there is no clear winner after that phase and voters' second choices need to counted, the results will be announced as soon as possible that afternoon.

The winning candidate will be elected for a four-year term to oversee policing and community safety in the two counties, decide how budgets are spent and hold the chief constable to account over police performance.

He or she will also hire and, if necessary, fire the chief constable, and set the police precept paid by residents as part of their council tax.

Click here to find out more about the candidates.



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by Marie Cheverton

16th November 2012, at 10:35:33

The only way to get the electorate interested in voting in great numbers, is to have our long over due referendum on Europe.

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by Terry Dalley

16th November 2012, at 07:03:17

I agree entirely with you David Wright its just a sham to make us think that we matter to the high and mighty .
When Who ate all the Pies Prescott was one of the candidates or though not here it just showed what a debacle this is .

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by david wright

15th November 2012, at 19:24:48

Another sham waste of money by the government pretending this has anything to do with crime! They are just trying to create a scapegoat to blame when it all continues to go wrong! I thought the public purse was in trouble so why the hell create another big wage and expenses bill for the tax payer!! No body cares about having a political police representative or even understands why? It will be the lowest vote turn out recorded and should be cancelled through lack of interest.

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by Neil Rogers

15th November 2012, at 19:02:09

Polls close @10pm.. then a count @ 9am (Friday)... surely the count will be complete by 10:30 pm tonight!! , based upon known low turn out & apathy for this nonsense role .. ?? Question : who fires the P.C.C ?? for doing nothing constructive over the next 4 years !! and do we/would we ... go through this " voting " farce all over again ?

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by John Lennon

15th November 2012, at 18:37:27

Does anyone actually give a hoot? I don't have a clue who is standing, what they stand for, will things be better, what are their plans and even more importantly, what are their NAMES? This has got to be one of the biggest jokes ever pulled by any government. Just copying the yanks.

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by Don Prescott

15th November 2012, at 15:21:39

thats life in 2012 Britain.
The better the scam artist that you are, the more you will succeed.
Look at the Euro situation.
Greek/Spanish Police brutalizing their own people so that Rumpoy et al can continue "largeing it up" in the caviar cafe.
Have you heard about Chris Atkins?
"Works" for Greenpeace.
Set up interviews under false pretences saying he was "anti-wind farms" with Lord Howell (Gideon Osbornes pa-in-law) and Peter Lilley.
Wound them up to start slating wind farms.....then sent the vid to the Independent.
Apparently, under the new LibDumb/Green/EtonPoshBoy government, nobody is allowed to have a point of view which does not accept the Mantra that we are killing our grand-children a la Walding.
Look at this shower.
Mates - 73 doesn't even LIVE here apparently.
Shame your favourite Rayban character did not stand.
He would at least have found out that he is NOT as popular with the punters as he is with himself (and the CP).

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by tony white

15th November 2012, at 13:11:39

How can people vote in this farce, the candidates have not exactly gone out of the way to tell us who they are and what their aims are and one is in the middle of being investigated for electoral fraud, it is a sick joke

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