Warm welcome for TV breakthrough

By Richard Wright

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


THE magic box that opens up a new dimension in TV viewing for the Island has been warmly welcomed, according to the founder of three TV channels that will feature on it.

Bembridge man Rodney Hearth said there had also been tremendous feedback to the announcement the three new television channels being broadcast from the Island — the UK Entertainment Channel, UK Arts Channel and UK Concert Channel would be on it.

"We even received an e-mail from a previous Godshill resident, now in New Zealand, who is being tempted back to the Island," said Mr Hearth.

"The channels are broadcast to 60 million people and, during the next 12 months, as the new set-top boxes are being marketed by major outlets on the Island and throughout Britain, a significant UK growth is expected.

"This means Freeview channels are now available throughout the Island through the new VuNow service and will reach the many parts where poor signals have spoilt viewing the regular TV channels together with the total non-reception of Channel 5. The new technology enables people, via a broadband connection, to receive thousands of channels, including YouTube, from all the continents of the world.

"There is no need for a terrestrial aerial or a satellite dish.

"The picture and sound quality is excellent and many of the new boxes will allow unlimited recording of programmes. Even those missed during the last week can be pulled back.

"Family films and photos can also be displayed and commercial films downloaded. People can even search the internet via Google," said Mr Hearth, who was involved in developing the new technology.

Reporter: richardw@iwcpmail.co.uk

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