‘We want to work with fishermen’ says tidal energy centre company

By David Newble

Saturday, March 22, 2014


‘We want to work with fishermen’ says tidal energy centre company

Frank Fortune, technical director of Royal Haskoning DHV, at the consultation event at the Spyglass Inn, Ventnor. Picture by Laura Holme.

PROPOSALS to build a tidal energy centre off the Island’s south coast could generate enough power for 15,000 Island homes and create up to 250 jobs on the IW.

The plans by PTEC Ltd would also make the Island a leading centre for the development of tidal energy, both nationally and internationally according to project leaders.

A public consultation into the Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre (PTEC) scheme was staged at the Spyglass Inn, Ventnor, on Wednesday .

The centre would be built around 2.5km south of St Catherine’s Point and around six km from Ventnor itself, if the project was given the green light.

The project is planned to begin operations in 2016 and is a joint venture between the IW Council and Perpetuus Energy.

However, it has run into opposition from business owners and fishermen in Ventnor, who say the proposed site of the tidal generators at St Catherine’s Deep is a vital fishery ground for brown crabs.

Fishermen say the area lies on the crabs’ migratory route between Bullock Bank, off Hastings, East Sussex, to Start, Point Devon.

Frank Fortune, from Royal Haskoning DHV, one of the companies involved in developing the project, said: "It is an exciting project for the IW.

"The energy from this will be going into the grid directly. It is green energy, it is sustainable energy. The centre is between 30 metres and 60 metres deep.

"We are very keen to work with the fishermen and we believe it should be possible to operate and develop the site and have fishing activities going on at the same time."

Reporter: davidn@iwcpmail.co.uk


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by Colin Russell

24th March 2014, at 11:30:24

Steve, some people just do not get it yet,

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by Steve Smith

24th March 2014, at 07:14:24

You keep believing that Garry and we'll keep cashing our cheques. And as for "what is the point of generating it".

The whole point of renewables is to reduce our carbon footprint and get away from fossil fuels. There won't be the need to store it as it will be used immediately.

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by GARRY Green

23rd March 2014, at 22:32:38

By the way, the 15,000 homes already have electricity so why do they need more? To me it's about time these renewable companies started looking into giant batterties for storage, because without a way of harnessing the stuff, what's the point in generating it?

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by GARRY Green

23rd March 2014, at 22:29:15

Steve Smith - jealous, not at all. It's all about the dreamers out there thinking that solar or wind energy is so good for the country, when in reality these things are not as cost effective as everyone believes! OK my firm where I work in Devon shelled out £90,000 for masses of these panels on buildings and an array, mounted in a field. The return on this outlay is scary and minimal considering what they spent on these things. Solar panels only have a 10 year life span at the most, so by the time this system starts to earn money it is going to be breaking down. We have already had 2 new inverters because the first ones overheated. Also the people who rent out their roof for these panels, here is a warning - if or when you have damage to your roof, whether it be from the installation or the weather. You have to pay the solar company over £1000.00 to remove the things first! Nothing is free in this world!

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by Peter Ian Staker

23rd March 2014, at 11:32:40

Seem when ever there is an alternative to oil the old people, and other misguided people who have no idea about how things work come out the woodwork to protest about it, when will they realise that something needs to be done to cut our dependency on oil and gas, this is a solution as the tides are a constant source of clean cheap energy and will also create jobs, its a not brainer, unfortunately it will mean a few people could (and i stress COULD) be affected by this but the company proposing this has indicated it will work with them, if there is an impact surely it would be worth sacrificing a few jobs of a dieing industry particularity on the Island to embrace this new technology for the greater good of thousands., I just hope the planners push this through regardless

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by Steve Smith

23rd March 2014, at 11:16:22

Garry are you jealous that you missed the boat on solar panels?
I know of many people making both extra money and big savings by having solar panels on their roof. A few of us are earning 49p per KwH produced by our panels plus the use of that power thus saving the cost from the energy supplier.

There is still money to be made from the present subsidy of approx. 15p per KwH but obviously not as much as those of us who saw this opportunity years ago.

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by Bob Blake

23rd March 2014, at 11:15:27

15,000 homes, 250 jobs, those are just creative numbers from a company that is only interested in numbers that have a euro sign with them. To use a fishing related phrase, they should be told to sling their hook.

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by GARRY Green

23rd March 2014, at 09:03:55

Absolute waste of time and money! The solar panels on homes & farms scam makes me laugh because you need to think of how many solar panels are now in operation across the country? How much has your electricity bill reduced since the solar revolution? The same as wind turbines and all the other pointless systems blotting our country! Solar, wind, recycling only benefits the individual person, relying on such energy to survive such as communes and similar projects. For example: How do you recycle a skip full of electrical items? It is all a con!

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by sue allen

23rd March 2014, at 07:50:29

When we were told to recycle by the council we were told it would save a huge amount of money however none of us have seen any cuts so I'd like to know if we produce huge amounts of Sustainable energy directly to the grid where do us tax paying islanders actually benefit.

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by Russell Palin

22nd March 2014, at 22:12:10

How much does HM tax, account to fish and the like in Ventnor. Vs power output from proposed sea bed power station?
Crabs loose the battle but not the war.....

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