Wind and rain: Latest travel news and updates

By a County Press reporter

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Wind and rain: Latest travel news and updates

Waves crash into the sea wall at Freshwater Bay. Picture courtesy of Dan Poole Photography.



BAD weather has hit the Isle of Wight in recent days and more is expected.

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for heavy rain, in effect from 3pm today (Thursday) to 11pm on Saturday.

Southerly gales are also expected with an amber warning in place from 9pm tomorrow (Friday) to 11.45pm on Saturday.

We will update this page with the latest travel information and news updates below. The latest updates will appear at the top:


Wightlink has cancelled the 18:10 Portsmouth to Ryde and 18:45 Ryde to Portsmouth Fast Cat crossings.


Flood Warning now issued for Monktonmead Brook, according to Isle of Wight Council.


Flood Alerts have been issued for Monktonmead Brook and Gurnard Luck. A Flood Warning is in place for Langbridge and Alverstone on the Eastern Yar, according to the Isle of Wight Council.


Island Roads has said Morton Common Road is open to traffic.


Island Roads is reporting Harding Shute, Ryde and Morton Common, Brading are both closed due to flooding. 

The following roads have also been affected by flooding:
Princelett Shute, Sandown
Main Road, Merstone,
Dodnor Mews, Newport
Bullen Road, Ryde
Broadway, Totland
Sandown Road Bembridge
Rew Lane Ventnor 
Niton Rd Rookley 
West Street Brading 
Cowleaze Hill Shanklin
Winford Road, Newchurch
Harding Shute, Ryde 
Monkton Street, Ryde
East Street, Ryde
Church Street, Ryde 
Bonchurch Village Road 
St Johns Rd, Wroxall 
Hollow Lane, Godshill
Coach Lane, Brading


Large amounts of surface water can be seen on the road before Calbourne Mill heading towards Newport in this picture by Matt Burfield via Twitter @mattissotrendy.

February high winds

West Wight Police is advising of flooding across the carriageway on Colwell Road, Freshwater near to Brambles. There are also reports on flooding between Quarr and Binstead.


An amber warning for strong wind has been issued by the Met Office from 9pm tomorrow (Friday) to 11.45pm on Saturday. 

The Met Office said: "Southerly gales will affect south facing coasts of southwest England and south Wales during Friday evening, moving east along English Channel coasts overnight into Saturday.

"After a short lull, winds will increase from the southwest during the course of Saturday with severe gales affecting coastal districts, bringing gusts of 60-70 mph and isolated 80 mph at the most exposed locations within the Amber warning area."


Island Line has said that due to poor weather conditions it was unable to run between Ryde Esplanade and Ryde Pier Head. A taxi shuttle is currently operating between these stations.

An hourly train service is operating between Ryde St Johns and Shanklin:

•Departing Ryde St Johns at 54 minutes past the hour

•Departing Shanklin at 18 minutes past the hour

From 12:13pm a normal service will operate from Ryde St Johns departing at 13 and 54 minutes past each hour.

From 12:38pm a normal service will operate from Shanklin departing at 18 and 38 minutes past each hour.


Historic landmark, the 'Thimble' at Hanover Point, near Compton Bay, is thought to have fallen victim to the stormy seas.

Reader Rod Adams sent in the photo below, showing the spot where the former miltary safety marker had stood.

National Trust head ranger Robin Lang said it appeared the marker had either been knocked over entirely or destroyed.


Chief photographer Jennifer Burton took the picture below just hours before the Thimble is thought to have been destroyed.



The Environment Agency (EA) has issued a flood alert for the Eastern Yar and tributaries from Whitwell to Bembridge. 

The EA said : "30mm of rain is forecast for today into tomorrow, some of which could be very heavy at times. Water levels in the river will rise rapidly and surface water will flood roads (including Morton Common Road and Golf Links Road), fields and access tracks throughout the Eastern Yar Valley."


Wightlink is operating a charter vessel on some services.

Portsmouth Harbour at 16:40, 17:40 and 18:45

Ryde Pier Head at: 09:10, 17:10 and 18:10

Crossing time is 40 minutes.

The 19:15 Ryde Pier to Portsmouth Harbour has been cancelled.


Wightlink, Red Funnel and Hovertravel services all running to timetable. Hovertravel has warned that bad weather could lead to disruption later today.


Wightlink services back to normal.


Dan Poole Photos captured this video of waves crashing into Freshwater Bay earlier today:


Red Funnel has said all services are now running to timetable and Red Jets have resumed.


The next car ferry on Wightlink's Fishbourne to Portsmouth route will be the 9pm from Portsmouth.


A section of path between Seaview Yacht Club and Seagrove Bay has been closed for safety reasons according to the Isle of Wight Council.


Island Roads has closed Gate Lane, Freshwater from Afton Road to the Albion Hotel car park due to gravel and stones on the road.


Wightlink's Ryde to Portsmouth FastCat service is running with delays of 20 minutes.


Wightlink's Fishbourne to Portsmouth car ferry service is currently running approximately 40 minutes late.


Red Jet services have been suspended.


Damage at Freshwater Bay today. Picture courtesy of Sandra Thearle.

Freshwater Bay storm damage


Sandown and Shanklin Inshore Lifeboat has urged people to be careful on Sandown seafront, where large waves continue to crash into the revetment.

Picture courtesy of @sandownlifeboat



Wightlink's Yarmouth to Lymington service is running to time, however there are 30 minute delays on its Fishbourne to Portsmouth.


Island Roads has advised drivers to avoid Morton Common road, which has started to flood.


Wightlink said a broken down car on its Portsmouth to Fishbourne route had led to ten minute delays.

Its Lymington to Yarmouth car ferry is running on a trip by trip basis due to the weather.


Flooding at Freshwater Bay this morning. Picture courtesy of @Pez6660 via Twitter.

Freshwater Bay flooding


A Met Office weather warning for heavy rain, in effect from 3pm tomorrow (Thursday) to 11pm on Saturday, has been upgraded to amber, with up to 40mm of rain forecast.


There are delays of around ten minutes on Red Funnel services.

Lymington to Yarmouth Wightlink services are being operated on a trip by trip basis, with some delays.

Hovertravel services remain suspended.


The doors of Sandown and Shanklin Independent Lifeboat station, on Sandown seafront, were buckled by the force of waves during this morning's storms. Beach huts have also been damaged.

Picture courtesy of @sandownlifeboat via Twitter.

Sandown lifeboat station doors


Hovertravel services remain suspended.

Wightlink has said there are some delays on its Fishbourne to Portsmouth car ferry service.

Red Funnel said services were running to timetable.


Islandline said: "Due to adverse weather conditions we are currently unable to run between Ryde Esplanade and Ryde Pierhead. A taxi shuttle is currently operating between the two stations.

"A normal train service is operating between Ryde Esplanade and Shanklin."


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by Russell Palin

7th February 2014, at 18:21:11

The thimble would have fallen in to the channel that prevents access on foot I think. It will be very heavy, I would imagine it will be battered and chipped of cladding, but largely intact being of reinforced concrete, we will find out next time it goes calm enough to see it safely that could be a while LOL I doubt it was made on the cheap. They shot at it with Victorian era guns from the Freshwater redoubt, the first world war shooting was practicing with field weapons as far as I can remember reading hearing/reading.
The red cliff at Compton has suffered movement here and there on the rough field nearest Brook and the field used by paragliding people, the surfers steps are starting to move again slowly.
In 1987 and 1990 the waves were not as bad, a fair few people around the beach are saying, that leaves 1703 then.
Everything is totally out of anybody's hands, there is nobody to blame, mother nature is master as always.
Good luck everybody.

Log-in to Report

by Russell Palin

5th February 2014, at 23:06:48

Pier is scrap as predicted, 10/1 fav

Log-in to Report

by Stella Ridley

5th February 2014, at 21:48:06

Island Line now operating from Ryde St John, not Ryde Esplanade as they have a points problem. Hope that's fixed by the morning!

Log-in to Report

by Trevor Bullman

5th February 2014, at 19:40:30

Island Line have put on ONE taxi for a whole train load of people, which means that if you’re not at the front of the scrum you will miss the train and then it’s another 40 Minutes wait. Makes you really pleased you invested in a season ticket. Thanks IL

Log-in to Report

by Stephen Elliott

5th February 2014, at 19:26:52

Ahh the sarcasm...only those that have been in regular crossings know this :)

Log-in to Report

by James McAdder

5th February 2014, at 16:27:40

Well, T Rollingsworth,

Hovertravel used to have an agreement with Wightlink for Wightlink to carry hover passengers in the event of the hovercraft being cancelled as long as regular Wightlink passengers got priority.

However, that agreement has stopped, so now we hovercraft passengers have to buy tickets.

That means we are paying Wightlink passengers and have as much right to use the service as you.

If you don't like it, well, tough, really.....

Don't worry, though. This bad weather won't last forever and you can get back to your usual cattle-truck commute experience while we hover commuters can enjoy our 10 minute crossing, 4x an hour service with free bus transfers to Portsmouth city centre, bonus tickets and offers and convenient (and cheaper) parking at both terminals all for a price £100/year less than you are paying.


Log-in to Report

by Keven Ball

5th February 2014, at 16:07:28

A truly awful day for weather.

Log-in to Report

by Colin Russell

5th February 2014, at 15:01:18

T R, you should have told them it had your name on it :-]

Log-in to Report

by T Rollingsworth

5th February 2014, at 13:26:33

Had to share the Cat with a bunch of the Hover people this morning and wasn't impressed with how WL handled it. Usually the Hoverpeople get bunched into a nice pen and get on after the people who choose to use a *real* form of transport, but today was a mishmash. Someone even stole my seat! Outrage!

Any views or opinions presented in the comments above are solely those of the author and do not represent those of the Isle of Wight County Press.

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