Woolly hat plea for refugees

By Matthew McKew

Sunday, December 15, 2013


WOOLLY warmers are being collected for Syrian refugees facing a freezing cold winter in Jordan.

Julie Binnington, who visited a refugee camp in June, is collecting knitted hats for children who she believes are facing the coldest winter in 100 years.

She said: "These people are living in tents or, if they haven’t managed to get into the camps, with absolutely no supplies. All of these people have had to flee with just the clothes on their backs and there will be deaths. There are already polio outbreaks. It is heart-wrenching."

Julie hopes to collect at least 300 hats, although she has the capacity for 3,000.

Anybody who can make a donation of old or new hats can contact Julie by e-mailing binns66@hotmail.com

Reporter: matthewm@iwcpmail.co.uk


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by Den Young

18th December 2013, at 16:17:21

reckon if we all vote UKIP should be better, Nigel stated he wouldn't be giving money away to other countries, vote em in, end of argument

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by Scott Angles

17th December 2013, at 10:57:18

My word, this man flip-flops like a, erm, will, a flip-flop. 'This country can't care for itself, I blame other countries, wait no I blame the government, wait no it's this country, WAIT IT IS this country or the government'.

Instead of constantly trying to win a petty argument, just stick to one line.

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by John Kneeshaw

17th December 2013, at 10:24:10

Thanks Mr Majors. You seriously expect that the poorest countries in the world should rush to the aid of one of the richest? Have you any idea what the word nothing means? In the aftermath of some of our more recent calamities, I do not recall seeing tens of thousands of semi clothed starving people (including orphaned children) fleeing the UK for their lives. There really is no point whatsoever trying to make people (and I use the word loosely) like you see any sort of decency or compassion. With every response you post you dig yourself further into the cess pool within which you are obviously content.

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by John Kneeshaw

17th December 2013, at 09:02:27

This country has more than enough means to help itself. Consider the word NOTHING. Children, orphans, human beings with absolutely NOTHING. NOTHING. Through no fault of their own. By accident of birth. Now give me a good reason why it is not a good idea to send - at no cost to yourself - a woolly hat to help keep them warm? One good reason.

Even wild animals help their own.

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by Scott Angles

16th December 2013, at 23:39:46

Well here doesn't endeth any chapter you massive fart-icicle. My partner's wall was destroyed in that St. Jude storm of weeks past. Because of it, she's currently not staying at her house, but fortunately elsewhere. Luckily, THIS COUNTRY in various forms and through various marvellous people are doing their best to hopefully fix it so they are back in by Christmas, and so ours isn't ruined.

This country, doing good for it's citizens, through various agents. So before you go all Glenn Beck (heh, again) look at who else this is affecting instead of looking out your window and going 'it's all rubbish and it's not my fault, grr someone else *comments mindless dribble on enclosed island forum*'.

Don't speak when you are not informed.

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by John Kneeshaw

16th December 2013, at 21:20:47

Just to reiterate my serious point. When made aware of a desperate situation, in which many tens of thousands of children have been caught up in an atrocity which has left them with absolutely nothing, there is something fundamentally wrong with any person who, when faced with a virtually cost free way of offering aid, then comes up with reasons why they should NOT offer help. These are not the actions of a human being.

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by Scott Angles

16th December 2013, at 17:39:38


I'll just come back with two things really. Firstly, you are correct when you say life is about 'giving and taking'. Here, you are giving me lolz whilst inadvertently taking the pee-pee.

Secondly, I'm not sure I'd wanna spend Christmas at yours.

'Oh. A button. Again. Thanks Lee. I hope you enjoy Paul McCartney's Abbey Road sessions bass that cost me thousands.'

Reading this all does still feel similar to watching a man shout at a lamp-post.

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by Mike Crowe

16th December 2013, at 13:51:24

Bury your bitter pill Lee

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by Mike Crowe

16th December 2013, at 12:50:13

""To give and not to count the cost""

""To give and not to seek reward""

Seems to ring bells from years ago. Always carried out that philosophy.

Have I been wrong? I don't think so because people seem to appreciate what I do and say 'Thanks'. That's good enough for me.

And I have quite a history of helping people .................................

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by Mike Crowe

16th December 2013, at 09:54:20

Thank you Scott :-) but I think I will stick with the title I have already thank you!!

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