I am writing to say how important it is for Christians to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our Muslim friends in the coming weeks. In recent conversations I have had with people in the East End of London, they are fearful, especially for their young people.

Pressure on them from the media, who clearly blame people from Muslim communities for the attacks in America, is not helping the situation.

When attacks take place in Northern Ireland, we don't blame all the Christians for what has happened.

There is a large Muslim community in London. The people I have spoken to felt very positive about life in England. Many of the young people from the Muslim community are doing very well in our education system, especially the young women who are getting some of the best results in the league tables.

The young men are not doing as well and need more support and help.

Blaming the wider Muslim community for events on September 11 will not help at all.

I support a street children's project in Dhaka, Bangladesh (with a large Muslim community) which I have visited each year during the last four years. My local church, Trinity Methodist Church Burrage Road, Plumstead, SE18, helps to raise funds for the project's work in providing shelter and education for these children who live in one of the poorest countries in the world.

In the coming months we will all need to use our communication skills to the best of our ability, to reassure the Muslim community and ensure young people have a good future in a caring and supportive country.

J Goodwin

Wickham Lane

Abbey Wood

November 8, 2001 9:26