FIREFIGHTERS pulled a small deer from the canal at Cassiobury Park in Watford on Wednesday morning.

They were called to the park at 6.30am after a member of the public reported seeing the muntjac struggling in the water.

Sub Officer Eric Muncer said: 'It was about the size of a large Alsatian with very small antlers. It did not put up much of a struggle.

'When it saw the men it did swim across to the opposite bank but when two of them reached in to grab it and manhandle it up the bank it kept very quiet.'

He added: 'It was very, very cold, could hardly stand up and was shivering so we called the RSPCA.

'While we waited, some of the lads put a fire tunic round it and gave it a body massage to warm it before we laid it out in the sun.

'It didn't make any attempt to run away until about 8am when it sprang up and off.'