Revamp had right Focus

By Matt White

Published on Friday, July 29, 2011 - 12:30


Revamp had right Focus

The new Ford Focus Titanium from Premier Ford.


Car...Ford Focus

Model...Titanium 1.6 diesel TDCI

Mpg (comb cycle...67.3mpg


Price...from £19,745 OTR

Loaned by Premier Ford, Newport

FORD hopes its new-look Focus will live up to the manufacturer’s slogan, Feel the Difference.

Ford designers have been busier than ever, giving the new Focus one of its biggest makeovers in its 13-year history.

The model I borrowed from Premier Ford, Newport, the Titanium TDCI, 1.6 diesel engine, may not have been the colour of my choice but everything else ticked the right boxes.

Firstly, it looked much nicer than the previous Focus, as Ford has redesigned the popular model to make it look sleeker and sportier.

The front is a lot more stylish, offering huge headlights, which are perfectly complemented by the spots and grille.

Underneath the car, the upgrades include improvements to its traction, road holding and agility, while at the back the rear suspension allows each wheel to move independently over bumps in the roads, of which there are quite a few on the IW.

Inside, the dash offers buttons galore, as the Focus boasts an endless array of gadgets, from automatic windscreen wipers, automatic lights, satnav and Bluetooth, plus a starter button in place of a key.

It makes for an impressive sight at night, with blue lights providing a stunning display of everything available.

For me, its most impressive asset was fuel consumption.

Several lengthy journeys from one side of the Island to the other and the fuel guage barely even budged.

With the market more competitive than ever, Ford will hope motorists take note of the changes.

I find it hard to believe anyone would be disappointed.

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