Park-and-ride vandals strike again

By Lori Little

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Park-and-ride vandals strike again

Ingrid Wilson's car, most of its windows smashed after it was left overnight on Saturday in the park-and-ride car park at Somerton, Cowes.

A MOBILE CCTV camera is just one measure which will be implemented in Cowes park-and-ride car park because of regular vandalism there.

Cowes Safer Neighbourhood officers and the town centre manager Grahame Deacon have drawn up a plan to help reduce criminal activity at the Somerton site.

One of the latest victims of car crime was Ingrid Wilson, 62, of Merstone.

She left her car there overnight on Saturday and was distraught to find all but one of its windows smashed on her return from the mainland on Sunday.

“I was so shocked. My car was completely smashed and broken. I felt it was so extremely badly damaged that someone had really taken out their anger on it.

“I had noticed glass in the car park before and I remember thinking it might be ominous but I did not realise it was quite such a targeted area.”

Sgt Julie Cocks said: "Together with the town centre manager, the Cowes Safer Neighbourhood officers are committed to reducing the sporadic incidents of vehicle damage that are currently affecting the Somerton park and ride.

"Plans to reduce the criminal activity, plus improve the overall appearance of the area, include the removal and reduction of excessive and overgrown foliage, the implementation of a mobile CCTV camera, fencing and gate repairs, additional police patrols, new warning signage, plus a greater frequency of on-site cleaning.

"With work on the scheme set to start imminently, anyone parking at the location is asked to help us reduce crime by ensuring that all valuables and personal belongings are either removed from vehicles or concealed entirely from view."


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