Rugby: Final win was not to be

By Clare Newman

Published on Thursday, March 24, 2016 - 10:56


Rugby: Final win was not to be

Back, from left, Jake Miller, Jacko Davis, Ollie Thorpe, Jake Puckett, Mitch Farrant, Chester Smith, Rhys Thomas and Jack Turner. Front, Steph Mamula, Harri Jones-Evans, James Franklin and Tom Hollis.

UNDER-14s RUGBY Trojans B 19, Vectis 0

A DEPLETED Vectis battled hard in their Hampshire Shield final against Trojans B on Sunday, but it was not to be.

They narrowly missed having to forfeit the game — with some players away on Hampshire duty and some off injured, it left a squad of just 12 players travelling for the final.

The regulations enabled Trojans to match the 12 but they had the advantage of having 11 players as substitutes.

Vectis started well with good possession and territory gains, but an interception lead to the first try to Trojans, which was also converted. The restart kick from Vectis fell short of its mark and the Trojans’ winger caught it cleanly, charged up field and immediately scored, again converted.

The Vectis forwards, Steph Mamula, Harri Jones-Evans, Jake Puckett, Jake Miller, Chester Smith and Rhys Thomas dominated the scrum throughout the match and narrowly missed scoring a push over try after some constant pressure ended up in a penalty against Vectis.

Undeterred, Vectis got some quick ball from scrum-half James Franklin who fed it out to waiting the back row of Tom Hollis, Jack Turner, Mitch Farrant, Jacko Davis, Ollie Thorpe and man of the match Jake Miller — only to have the ball turned over a metre from the try line by a solid Trojan defence.

Another try to Trojans late into the second half sealed the result 19-0.

After the game, Trojans heaped praise upon Vectis for the stamina they showed and fighting spirit, and a friendly match is being arranged for the end of the season.

Coach Adam Tyas said: "Each and every boy played his heart out, never gave up and should be really proud of their effort. I couldn’t fault what was a very enjoyable game of rugby."

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