Bailey masters rough weather

Published on Friday, February 24, 2012 - 09:30


SAILINGGRAHAM Bailey smiled in the face of challenging conditions to win Bembridge Sailing Club’s latest round of Illusion sailing.

Saturday’s conditions were brisk and challenging, with squalls between 18 to 25 knots that caught a few people out.

The ever-calm Bailey was the winner of the day with two wins and a third place, as he mastered the conditions.

Rivals Mark Downer and Bruce Huber did not give each any room and match-raced each other in nearly all the races, sometimes no more than an few inches apart.

On Sunday, the conditions could not have been more different with sunshine and steady breeze although hats and gloves still indicated it was mid-winter sailing with water temperatures around six degrees and the morning air just above freezing.

Graham Bailey proved unbeatable in all three races, with Rudy Jurg second in all three, although was challenged throughout by Julia Bailey.

This weekend, the club hosts the Illusion Nationals, where up to 30 boats are expected to take part.

The previous weekend, the series was won convincingly by former Olympian Colin Simonds.

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