Just enough wind

By Clare Newman

Friday, March 23, 2012


SAILINGTHERE was just enough wind, albeit fitful in strength and direction, to bring 40 boats to the start line for Gurnard SC’s early-bird racing last Sunday.

Mike Martin had a good lead for most of the cat race but he was caught late by Robin Leather, who finished just inside the time limit. Paul Tanner was third.

The RS400s were less lucky, being out of time, with Brett Aarons scoring a win on his first lap position from Graham Deegan and Chris Symons.

After finishing first in very little breeze, Keith Hayden’s lead in the fast group was not enough to prevail over James Downer on handicap with R. Preston third.

Similarly, Georgia Caws in the first of the RS500s could not keep out the single-handers of Giles Peckham, Libby Deegan and Mark Harrison in the medium group.

In the final group, winner Ben Symons also finished first on the water from Jack Elsom and R. Metcalf, but Kay Gibbs gained third place on handicap.

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