Players negotiate a path towards reality

By Abby Rugg

Published on Friday, November 02, 2012 - 10:04


Players negotiate a path towards reality

Taking part in The Real Thing are, front, Michael Arnell; back, from left, Jack Rawlings-Cawtheray, Ginnie Gledhill, Benny Curtis, Julie Read and Ian Moth. Picture by Jennifer Burton.

STAGE REVIEW A COMICAL tale of deceitful love affairs was cleverly staged by the cast of The Real Thing at Newport’s Apollo Theatre last Thursday.

The cast did well to cope with Tom Stoppard’s complicated plot and constantly informed and deceived the audience throughout the course of the play.

Ian Moth, who played playwright Henry, did particularly well at portraying his character as an academic scatterbrain who was set in his ways.

Henry’s passionate side was tremendously acted by Ian, showing his character’s true feelings towards his lover, Annie.

Julie Read took the role of Annie with confidence and became stronger as the play progressed.

She communicated her character’s attitude of 'I get what I want’ well and showed off her spoilt nature with great acting and body language.

Henry’s sarcastic and opinionated wife, Charlotte, was played by Ginnie Gledhill, who also progressed in character and performed well. Her attitude towards her self-absorbed husband was amusing to watch as it was obvious her character was bothered by his 'not bothered’ behaviour.

However, if there was a star of the show, it would be Michael Arnell and his fantastic portrayal of Annie’s husband, Max.

As a doting husband and bumbling character, Max was a happily married man and Michael was brilliant at transforming into a heartbroken wreck on discovering Annie’s affair.

Minor roles from Chloe Cooper as Debbie, Jack Rawlings-Cawtheray as Billy and Benny Curtiss as Brodie were all confidently acted and showed an impressive natural presence on stage.

The backstage crew made smooth scene transitions, which added to a great and entertaining performance.

• The play continues tonight (Friday) and tomorrow.


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