Sparkle of Broadway

By Sara Bryce

Published on Friday, October 19, 2012 - 10:04


Sparkle of Broadway

On stage were, from left, front, Flo Barker, Shirley McNab, Ann Steward, Ruth Thomas, Phyl Marsden, middle, Geoff Kirk, Janet Haire, Geoff Horsnell, back, Brian Steward, Colin Aldridge and Barry Williams. Picture by Laura Holme.

STAGE REVIEW A NIGHT of music, dancing, singing and sketches brought a small bit of Manhattan to Totland Church Hall.

Curtain Up Amateur Dramatic Society presented their Broadway Revue to a receptive and enthusiastic crowd.

The variety show of singing and dancing, comedy, tap dancing and sketches made for a fast-paced evening, the highlights being Geoff Kirk’s faultless delivery of twingue-tusting spoonerisms, Bob Everson’s "Oh Fiona!", Flo Barker’s droll monologue about getting old, and Georgina King and Geoff Kirk’s comedy singing duet.

Any mistakes with lighting, lines and stage-entries, were dealt with in good humour, even being made part of the act with ad-libbing, to the enjoyment of the audience, by a cast clearly comfortable with the environment, and knowing they were surrounded by friends.

What struck most was that every time a cast member came on stage, they were wearing something different.

With the astonishing amount of tuxedos, fancy dress, snorkelling gear, ball gowns, and military uniforms, it was amusing to envisage 20-odd people hopping around backstage, half-in one costume, and half out of another. Something that, due to the need for swift costume changes, may not have been far from the truth.

One of the strongest performances on the night was one that could have gone largely unnoticed, that of the three-piece band. John Denby played wonderfully jazzy piano riffs that got many toes tapping, backed up by Chris Mackay on the double bass, and Phil Jones on drums, giving the cast a great accompaniment, as well as musical interludes between scenes.

The modest church hall surroundings meant the cast would have to shine to capture the essence of Broadway, and with their enthusiasm, clear enjoyment in what they were doing, and incredibly impressive array of sparkly costumes, they did.


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