By Ross Findon

Friday, October 12, 2007



The cross daubed on the Longstone, at Mottistone. Picture by Peter Boam.

AN ANCIENT monument has been daubed with a white cross by vandals.

The Longstone, which dates back to the Stone Age and is thought to have originally marked the entrance of a burial site, was damaged by the attack, thought to have happened around ten days ago.

Heather Bradshaw, assistant property manager for the National Trust, which owns the land at Mottistone where the Longstone sits, said they were consulting experts about how to remove the paint.

“It is a stipulated ancient monument that dates back to Neolithic times.

“The cross was spotted by walkers and reported to us. Our main concern is removing it without damaging the stone. We have got to be very careful.

“The stone is porous and some of the paint may have seeped into it,” she said.

The stone is visited annually by groups celebrating midsummer and traditional dancers gather there on May Day.

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