ULTIMATE frisbee has arrived on the Island, and it’s hoped a team can be formed to compete in national competitions in the future.

Nick Belfitt organised the first get together of players at Sandown Bay Academy on Sunday.

He wants to build a squad over the next 12 months, and hopes in a year’s time they will be ready for competition.

Nick, who played ultimate frisbee at university, is confident it will capture the interest of people on the Island.

He said: “We need time to build it up but it would be great to take an IW team to a big competition.

“We’re planning to have regular sessions for the next few months, and we’ll see where it takes us.

“Sunday’s session was great, we’d like a few more people next time, so anyone wanting to give it a go would be welcome.”

For more details, email n.belfitt@hotmail.co.uk