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wedding favours
Favours are not essential but many couples choose to give their guests a small gift on their wedding day.
Sugared almonds are the traditional favour but there are a huge variety of options available.
You can combine your place setting with your favour by writing your guests' names on pretty pebbles or wooden hearts, or icing their names on to cakes or biscuits.
Couples can choose to donate the money they would have spent on favours to charity, some charities supply personalised wedding favour cards, explaining the donation to your guests. You could also buy charity pins for your guests.
Other favour ideas include; lottery tickets, miniature bottles of alcohol and packets of seeds for your guests to grow.
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You can also get inspirations for your favours from your theme, ie — the beach, country garden or butterflies.
Home-made favours are a great way of adding a personal touch while keeping costs down, from biscuits and chocolates to jams and pickles.
Popular favours are sweets and chocolates, which can be an inexpensive option. You can add a personal touch to your shop-bought favours by making your own favour boxes. You can customise the boxes to match your wedding colours or theme. Follow the instructions below to make your own favour boxes.

Make your own favour boxes

Favour boxes

The instructions below make a favour box roughly 5cm square and 3cm deep.

You will need:
Thin card (around 170gsm) or heavyweight paper
Scissors or craft knife
Double-sided tape
Sticky tape
Decorative ribbon, tape or stick-on adornments (bows, flowers, etc)

Click here to see a video showing how to make a favour box

Step 1: Draw a 15cm square and 14cm square next to each other on your paper or card. Draw lines in each square connecting the diagonal corners. Cut out both squares. (If the card you are using is much thicker than 170gsm then reduce the size of the smaller square by a few millimetres, eg for 220gsm card make the square 13.9cm)

Step 2: Take the corner of the 15cm square and fold it in to within a about a millimetres of the middle of the square. Run along the fold with the edge of a ruler to make it crisp. favour 1 
Step 3: Fold the new edge into the middle of the square to meet the pencil line you have drawn. Run along the fold with the edge of a ruler to make it crisp. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining three sides.  favour 2

Step 4: Unfold the square.  Favour 3

Step 5:  Turn the square so one corner faces you. The vertical fold lines either side of the corner create the edges of a square (without folds) in the centre of your piece of card. Cut along these two folds up to the corner of the centre square. Turn the piece of card around and repeat the the cuts on the opposite corner. Favour 4 

Step 6: Turn the card around 90 degrees to have the corner without the cuts facing you. Fold along the existing fold lines to make the corner meet the middle. Fold the outer edge up to create the side of the box. Fold the two pointed ends of the side of the box into the middle, along the closest fold line to the centre. These pointed ends form the other sides of the box. Repeat this on the opposite side.  favour 6

Step 7: Turn the box around 90 degrees. Fold the pointed edge of the square over the box side facing you and press down into the middle of the base of the lid. Turn the box around and do the same on the opposite side.  favour 8

Step 8: To finish off the inside of your box lid cut out another square of card 5.1cm x 5.1cm.  favour 9

Step 9: Repeat steps 3 to 8 for your 14cm square. To finish off the inside of the bottom of your box cut out a square 4.7cm x 4.7 cm.

Step 10: If you plan to use a decoration on the top of your box, secure the smaller squares inside the lid and bottom of your box with double-sided tape. You can then put some tissue or shredded paper in the bottom of your box and fill it with sweets or chocolates just before your wedding day.  favour 10

Step 11: If you want to tie a ribbon around your box, follow the instructions in step 10. Once your box is filled with sweets or chocolates cut a 60cm length of ribbon (max 1cm wide). Turn your box over so the base of the box is face up and place over the middle of the ribbon. Bring the two ends of the ribbon together and cross at right angles, forming a cross on the bottom of the box. Bring them over the sides of the box and turn the box right way up. Tie the ribbon in a bow. Wedding favour

Step 12: If you want to have ribbon crossing only the top of your box you will need a slim ribbon or tape (approx 1cm wide). Cut two lengths of ribbon 22cm long. Mark the inside of the ribbon or tape lightly with a pencil 1cm in from one end.

Step 13: Loop the ribbon round to join the two ends, overlapping them up to the pencil mark you made. Secure with tape (this tape will not be seen). Repeat this with your second length of ribbon or tape.

Step 14: Take the lid of your box and put the two loops of ribbon or tape over the box forming a cross. (The taped section of the loop should be on the inside of the box) favour 11 

Step 15: Turn the lid over, adjusting the loops so they are in the correct position. Stick a piece of double-sided tape over the overlapping ribbon on the inside of the box lid.
 favour 12

Step 16: Take the 5.1cm square of card and place this over the loops, pushing it down into the bottom of the lid.   favour 13

Step 17: Stick a piece of double-sided tape into the bottom of the box (without the ribbon) and push the 4.7 cm piece of card in to finish off your box.

Finished favour box

How to make a favour box.

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